News: Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi everyone

This is something that I should've done the first day but hey...better later than never right?

So...I'm a 16 years old aspiring hacker , i'm not a beginner but i'm definitely not a pro/elite hacker like sir OTW or Phoenix750 but that's what i am aiming at...reach the top, but until then i would be very happy if anyone of you could correct me if i make a mistake or if i am wrong about one of my posts...I like to learn new things so don't hesitate when it's about correcting me

My knowledge is: Python, HTML, PHP, C# (work in progress) and i have always used Linux based OSs so I know them well enough (especially Backtrack ...then i moved to Kali and now i am using Parrot OS)




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Hm. Can you program/code, Flex?

Yes ...I added my knowledge to the post ;)

Dude im 15 years old, 16 in november. I have only learned c++ this year, and i have school to to work on too.

And i was just wondering how the fck do you already know that much!
when did you start getting into all this, and how much time did you spend on the diffrent language?

Well...i come home after school...i do my homework and then i start my Parrot OS and i spend all the rest of my days reading and curiosity pushes me but this has a cost...i don't have any friend :|

You need to spend time on languages if you want to learn them...oh and i also speak French italian and well...english of course...Remember if you want you can ;)

P.S. there are people at my age that know much more than me...

I am a little younger than you and I know a little less than you and I can tell you it's true, you can learn everything you can. I know Italian and English as well, but i am unfamiliar with French (I am a native Portuguese language speaker) and I've learned them simply cause I can.

If you dedicate yourself enough, everything is doable.

Very good!Keep studying!

Welcome to Null Byte!
Don't esitate to ask and enjoy the stay!

Greetings from Portugal, can you tell me the major point to change my Kali.deb to Parrot.deb?

To be honest sir there is no major reason to switch from Kali to Parrot
Because they share the same tools and they're both based on debian
The only important change is the look...Parrot looks very different from Kali

Very untrue.... ParrotSec OS has less tools than Kali Linux 1.0/2.0. If you're just looking for a cool design, don't even bother to become a hacker and just become a Web Developer. Second, if you know C#/PHP, I think you should make tutorials in them... They'd help (Maybe).

I don't use all the tools present in Parrot so i don't know if they are the same ones that Kali has but you're probably right because when i first installed Parrot i noticed that Metasploit and SET were missing...however they are downloadable from the official repositories

(sudo apt-get install set and sudo apt-get install metasploit-framework or something like that)

I also noticed that Parrot has some different tools for example Anonsurf...i know that it's more of a script than a tool but i think that it's a tool anyway...there's also Pandora's Box...and a couple of few others

Btw i suppose that all the tools present in Kali can be downloaded in Parrot with apt-get install or aptitude install

So with that said...they have the same tools (even if you have to download them they are the repositories waiting to be installed)

Welcome to Null-Byte! I'm glad to hear you have scripting skills, they should come in useful soon!


Thank you!
I have a question about scripting.,,.should i learn Linux script too? I mean is it useful?

Well, since the hacker's preferable environment is Linux, every piece of knowledge about it is useful.

Parrot vs Kali? Just wondering your opinions?


I don't have a lot to say..I Think that both are user friendly with their new 2.0 versions but Kali... has more tools...and that's it nothing else because they have almost exactly the same functions...Maybe Parrot focuses a bit more on esthetic ...

i want to welcome you too, but its just funny for me that all black-hat friends that i got when they first introduced themselves to me they said they were 16 years old too(90% of them), so i dont trust anyone with this self introduction anymore, but i hope that aint your case, coz i know all these tricks from my friends...

hacked by Mr_nakup3nda...

i am not a black hat....i am a grey hat (and i am proud to be it)

thats cool, i think the majority of people here on null-byte would say the same, except those professionals, for me its just like nationality, race and religions, sometimes i just dont care about this classifications, im hacker and i think thats all, coz sometimes i feel like i have to crash or deface some websites that are running stuffs that affects my people or innocent people , websites like child pornography, traffic of anything ilegal,oppressive governments, dark corporations, i dont care to act without any permission, being ethical sometimes is not my option neither gey-hat, make me feel like im afraid of something, so i dont know how to classify myself, but i try my best to do not act as black-hat, but anyway welcome to null-byte, wish to see more from you..


hacked by Mr__Nakup3nda

Yeah. Sometimes ethicality has to sorta leave the equation.

I think that's called Hacktivism. So I'd say you're a hacktivist.

i'm no hacktivist

hello,my name is varun ,and i want to know how to the operations that can be done by our windows command prompt .thank you

Hi and welcome ! While you can't really hack from a windows machine, you might find this series interesting. You can also run some tools in perl, python, php, c, from the windows cmd but I really encourage you to look into linux. It's easy to setup a live version without affecting your normal setup, and you will be learning the real deal.

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