News: Look at My Linux Desktop... Then Look at Your Windows/Mac Desktops

Look at My Linux Desktop... Then Look at Your Windows/Mac Desktops

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Woah that's sexy, post some of your config files!

Thanks man xD.
We should get a forum for this going, people can post and compare desktops and.dotfiles and configs :D

rub it in, man. i'm still using xp, and i'm on an office computer so i have no choice.

Psh, you can do some crazy stuff with XP :). I think you can make it look cooler than Win7. Sucks that it's an office computer though :(

Would it be possible to get instructions for your custom terminal or at least those box-drawing characters you used? I would really appreciate it :)

Just look up ASCII keycodes, and read up on bash PS1 configuration. I can show you how in IRC next time you're on if you don't get it :).

Want to help me customize my Sabayon desktop, im running Sabayon 7 gnome 3

I have a tutorial in my blog for KDE, and to my understanding, gnome 3 dropped customization.

Curse you GNOME 3....Any way to switch from Gnome to KDE, without re-installing the OS?

Yea i can't do pacman -S, because i dont have it, im using a Gentoo based distro and the apt-get under gentoo is emerge btw

Any idea on what to do Alex?

Just search the Gentoo repos for KDE :p

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