News: MegaUpload goes down - Anon retaliates.

MegaUpload goes down - Anon retaliates.

As you may or may not know, MegaUpload - one of the largest file sharing services has been taken down by the feds.

To us - this means no more 1gb free downloads. And we move onto MediaFire and Rapidshare. - But more importantly,
this means that our inherent freedom to share files amongst ourselves is being taken away, one service provider at a time.
Yes, there are people who use these web services for pirated content, but what of those who don't?
It is an age old argument and I will not dig deeper into it. Piracy or not, these services NEED to stay up. That much is certain.

To the feds - this is apparently something worth dancing over.

I will say that this event highlights two things. One - that SOPA is not needed in order to take down infringing sites.
Two - just how much anger actions like this bring.

And point number two is perfectly illustrated by Anonymous, who did not stand for this. As of today,
they launched a very large scale, very aggressive DDoS attack against various gov websites, and as at now, the following
websites are either down completely or struggling to stay up:

Universal Music

Well, to me, personally, that's the equivalent of taking down someone's poster. BUT, as this is getting so much media coverage, it will be hard to ignore.

Read more about this on Gizmodo.

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I had a few thousand points on megaupload T-T. The government really shouldn't expect anything less of the people. They got off easy, to me. I've got my fingers crossed that something worse comes their way.

Slowly but surely our civil liberties and freedoms are being stripped down and strangled by the Orwellian g men. If they were so concerned about piracy , address the problem on the sales end , not on the file sharing side. Our government runs daily on bootleg "federal" currency but they seem more worried about George Soros and his cronies getting back their investment into Hollywood. GO ANONYMOUS!!! If I knew more about hacking than cutting pipe for plumbing , I would help them!

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