News: MPAA - ''SOPA Blackout's Are a Stunt...''

MPAA - ''SOPA Blackout's Are a Stunt...''

So... The MPAA, who are (obviously) in favor of SOPA, are crying about how the anti-SOPA blackouts are being caused by the ''big corporations'' and any who support it are apparently turning into pawns of said corporations.

OK, let's forget about just how much fecal matter these claims are filled with, and focus on 4 little bullet points.

Mpaa - support SOPA (duh..)

Sites / Companies who oppose it, whether it be in the interest of their owners, or users, are protesting by simulating the ''whats to come'' effect by using blackouts on their own websites. This is to show users just how they will be affected if the SOPA bill is passed. Right here is the point where, IF MPAA's claim has any truth to it, if there are corporate interests involved in opposing SOPA, they're still in favor of the common good.

Mpaa - See's the effect. Also see's just how close this bill is to being scrubbed. *info processing begins*

Mpaa - In a last ditch effort, the geniuses in the marketing/pr dept come up with this... THIS.

I am unsure of what exactly is their goal here.. Well apart from it being a very ironic comment ( as outlined in the linked article), it does not come accross as an argument of any sort of validity. It resembles something a 5 year old would come up with in a losing debate (if 5 year olds had debates)..

At the moment the bill's pass/deny chances are pretty equal. With over 30 senators still playing the ''Im Switzerland!'' role, byt not picking a side.

My personal opinion is as follows:

Sopa gets thrown out: We win.

Sopa gets passed: We rebell. -->> Sopa gets thrown out due to rebellion -->> We win.

I cannot imagine a scenario, where the American pepople - probably the most patriotic bunch of motherf***ers I've ever seen, would let this fly, seeing as it literally craps on freedom, albeit digital.

Anyone care to share their thoughts? Comment below.

Further reading:

MPAA Calls Anti-SOPA Blackouts A "Gimmick" To Punish Politicians & Turn Us All Into "Corporate Pawns"

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great article, its true. America values its patriotism in the highest, i can't imagine a hypocritical senate passing a bill for something unpatriotic

Pretty much everything that the MPAA says these days is hypocrisy. It's not okay for website owners to strike for a day in support of a cause, because it disrupts the flow of information on the web, but it's okay for the MPAA to want to shut sites down for good, because they 'might' unknowingly be infringing on something, possibly disrupting the flow of information on the web indefinitely.

...."let's forget about just how much fecal matter these claims are filled with" line known to man. You sir, owe me a mouthful of cereal. I just laughed so hard at that, that I spit Honey Bunches of Oats all over my carpet.

Thanks so much, good post!

I assure you, my intention was not to waste your breakfast. But alas, what's done is done. I will find a way to compensate you.

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