News: My Name Is Towy.

My Name Is Towy.

Hi guys, my name is Towy.
I joined this community two weeks ago and I though that I should introduce myself.

First of all, I am a noob. I'm learning everyday 3-6 hours, I'm everyday on this website trying the get most out of this playground.

In terms of programming I'm also a newbie, I know the basics of C++ and right now I'm studying Python. I was always passionate about computers and the way they work and how we can change their behaviors.

I'm eager to start learning new things and to share my knowledge with you.


You should know that a script kiddie does not equal a newbie. A script kiddie is someone who doesn't want to learn anything. A newbie, however, is simply someone who is new to the subject.

The fact that you want to learn automatically makes you a non-script kiddie.


You should not say this. While that should be the correct definition of a 'Script Kiddie' the original one is someone who uses premade scripts. Which is a terrible definition because we all use NMAP, Metasploit and more... And most infosecurity folks do too. But the correct definition is not someone who is not willing to learn, but someone who lacks the skill to create their own custom exploits/scripts.

Being hacker is not just hacking computer (making scripts), i

if you watched Mr_Robots there was that tall black guy in f.society team, i dont remember any episode where he build an exploit, he played as a good social engineering hacker(some of them can not build scrips)but it does not make him a script-kid,, being hacker does not means that you have necessarily build your own exploit or scripts, as long as you understand how it works its ok, thats why sometimes your hear the sentence you dont need to be good at programming to become hacker(its essential but does not make yo a skrip kid), you can do something different to help the hacking community..

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

He was not a real 'hacker' though. Not because he wasn't a master coder and stuff but because he never hacked anything. He was more an engineer. He hacked physical objects, not like Mr. Robot and his sister.

so when you hack physical objects you are not hacker? you missing something bro, there are computer hackers and hackers in should read more, not every hacker is a computer hacker..

AX0N EX your definition about script kid is wrong in my point of view, coz that aint even your opinion, you just saying how the world define it, hackers should not have the mentality to just accept without questioning why, I don't just affirm or agree with something just because wikipedia or google or whatever evil cop or person says, i go by facts and do my own analysis to create my own definition..

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

I thought they are the same thing.

Trust me, they aren't.

If you want to learn how things work and how they can be improved, you are a hacker (or a newbie if you are new to the subject).

If you just want to learn hacking "cuz itz cool and u can do cool things", you're a script kiddie.

Hacking is more of a mindset, really.


100% true. The line between script kiddie and newbie is very distinct!

Also, welcome to Null-Byte!


welcome to nullbyte and feel free to contact me anytime, good to konw that you want to learn not just be another script-kid around here..wish to see your thoughts soon in our moments

Hacked by Mr_Nakup3nda

Also I read somewhere that SKiddies call themselves real "hackers".

That's the point of script kiddies, Void.


Welcome to Nullbyte, enjoy your stay.

welcome to null byte towy. I look forward to your growth.
feel free to contact me if you need any questions answered.

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