News: A New Branch in My Career.

A New Branch in My Career.

When I started to go to this site I found it fascinating and found myself coming here all day I have used a lot of the info I have gotten from here in my professional career and on my own. I currently am the VP of RND for a small IT company. I have been pushing toward Penetration Testing as a service for our clients and future clients. For the past 10 years here it has been a very long uphill battle and have hit a lot of road blocks. So I decided to work on this on my own of course as soon as my work finds out that they don't have to foot the bill I get the go ahead to start a service department to do this. At first I was upset then I decided to go with it I was able to get approval and start my department and I am also working on getting a budget together. I have only asked a couple of questions on here and have been helped out a lot. This site is a great tool to get started and to further your knowledge about "Hacking" I am old school so when I hear that I think Hardware not networks or software. I remember doing a lot of hardware hacking as a kid and loved it. Getting back into this is great. I just wanted to say thanks for everything and the guidance you have giving me I am working on some tutorials for the site and am combing thru to make sure I am not repeating the same thing over. Keep up the great work and let me know if there is anything that I can help with. I would love to contribute in any way. Thanks Tombstoner.

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I'm glad you are finding Null Byte so useful and productive. We hope you will stay and become a contributing member of our community.

This is one community I will always work with.

Glad to hear, we as a community are a valuable asset to you or anyone for that matter trying to advance in the knowledge we offer here.

#ReachOneTeachOne :-)

Can't wait to see some of your tutorials :)

To me, it sounds just awesome. Glad I'm part of this community.
I would like to learn more from you, I would really look forward to it!

Thanks for sharing your story! Null Byte is indeed the most productive, and helpful hacking blog I have ever come across.


Anyone else feels as if null-byte is our facebook? haha

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