Null Byte: A BIG *Thumbs Up!*

A BIG *Thumbs Up!*


I'm a newbie for null byte and I have been following this world for sometime now. Anyway before I got here, actually I knew nothing about this place. I've been to many IT(hacking) forums, read ebooks about the subject and even watched youtube for online tutorials and stuff but the moment I got here (I was directed by an article of OTW's through google) I instantly felt like it was, like coming home. What I'm trying say is that, this almost got everything to nurture a new born hacker. I found so much info and gained immense amount of knowledge, far more conveniently in here, than through those ebooks and other forums which I struggled almost day and night to find, and of course, kindhearted people here than any of those forum I've been and it feels so much wonderful.

Well that's the sole reason I decided to do this post. I really wanna express my sincere gratitude to you guys who created and fuel this Null Byte. Keep up the good work. Thumbs Up!!


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Thank you for giving us a chance to keep doing what we do. This really made my day better, thanks.

I should thank you, you know without you guys there's no Null Byte and we newbies will have no where to go....seriously, it's hard to learn about this subject without proper guidance...


Glad you enjoy it here, welcome and enjoy your stay!

Thank you JeremiahPayne, I definitely will...


Glad to hear. Enjoy your stay.


I will ghost. Thanks :)

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