News: Null Byte Is Calling for Contributors!

Null Byte Is Calling for Contributors!

We're officially seeking Null Byters interested in teaching others! Contributors will write tutorials, which will be featured on the Null Byte blog, as well as the front page of WonderHowTo (if up to par, of course). This is a job meant for anyone with the will to share knowledge. There is no need to be intimidated if you fear you lack the writing skills. I will edit your drafts if necessary and get them looking top-notch! You can write tutorials of any skill level, and anything you feel like sharing that is related to tech, hacking, or anything else that we discuss here.

This isn't inclusive of solely tutorials, even if you simply post useful links and articles to the corkboard, you are doing the community a huge favor, because at some point, someone will need the information you have provided. Let's continue to make Null Byte the best forum ever by stuffing it with the latest and greatest hacking tutorials and topics.

If you have skills and want to share knowledge on any of the topics below, please leave a response in a comment below with which topic you would like to write, or message me privately. If you have any ideas at all, please submit them below.


  1. How to Perform Buffer Overflow Exploits (Sol Gates, Pending)—Teach how to perform a basic buffer overflow exploit on any program of your choice. A video must be recorded of the overflow (due to sheer complexity of the exploit).
  2. Create a GoogleBot with Python & LurkLib - (Frage Herpington, Pending)—Demonstrate how to create a bot to return Google search results using Lurklib, by LK-.
  3. How to Code a Web Spider in Python—each everyone how to code a Python bot to crawl web pages and export them to a prettily-parsed list. Used for information gathering.
  4. How to Nmap from Behind a Proxy—Teach users how to Nmap from behind a proxy to mask traffic. I would also love if you added in BASH proxying, since the two are similar.
  5. Google Dorking for Weak Websites—A lesson about Google search queries that find websites weak to particular vulnerabilities.
  6. BASH Basics (Mr Falkreath, Completed)Teach the most essential BASH techniques to us all, including commands, and scripting.
  7. How to Switch to Linux ZSH —Teach users how to change the default shell and console over to the faster ZSH shell.
  8. Custom Encryption—Encryption of files and reversing should be taught here. This could be shown in the form of a program (Python, preferably).
  9. Text Ciphers—How basic test ciphers and obfuscation work. Include major ciphers as well as a custom one.
  10. How to Create an Alarm—This tutorial should be done using hardware you could buy from an electronics store. Any other cool hardware hacks that you could do are strongly encouraged.

    If interested, just let me know! I'm tired of being the sole contributor, we're a community!

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Awesome, I love it. Learning <3 Posted stuff already.

You're the best dude, I can't thank you enough ;D.

I might write some stuff about nasm or some game development topics. Some *nix related stuff perhaps.

That'd be great man :). Any posts are greatly appreciated :D.

I would like it if you did this. Nothing for nasm for mac though… ?

The web spider article idea is great. Coincidentally, I just learned what a web spider was last night from a novel, though I'm sure you guys can help me understand its workings better than Dan Brown can.

This book has me curious, could I have the name of it? Is it about computers or something? :D haha

Ha. It's the Lost Symbol, the followup to the Da Vinci Code. A guilty pleasure of mine. Definitely not "about" computers, just had a few pages where some metasystems special coded something called a "delegator" in minutes, a sort of spider I guess.

Ah, thank you very much Justin ^_^.

Wow, I'd love to help. I mostly specialize in hardware hacks, (mostly out of a probably unrational fear about the "legality" of many software hacks) so any ideas? What type of alarm tutorial are you looking for in the OP?

Any cool hardware hacks you can come up with will be gladly accepted :). Do the alarm if you would like, but if you have another hack that you would prefer, by all means, do it :D.

Another suggestion for Skittles - you could maybe do a pressure sensor alarm? Idea would be that if someone steps on a pressure plate, it triggers an alarm. I would assume that you just need two plates with (Strong) springs in between and a contact in the middle which would effectively close a circuit and send the current off to a ''alarm box'' or a light switch or something.

That'd be an awesome one!

Indeed, I had that spinning in my head for a while now, however I do not think I have enough practice to do it. Currently I am working on something similar in terms of surveillance - motion detection utilising a webcam. If that works out, I think it would be a neat thing to make a tut on.

Haha, coincidentally I'm working on something like that now.

You're doing it on linux?

id love to write an article on an alarm! hardware is something i love. Maybe incorperate some Javascript and an arduino unit? my lab is protected by something similar to that :)

Oh, and also the webcrawler, I do have some experience in python, id be happy to write a tut on that as well :)

This sounds amazing, I'd love to see it from you! Let me make you mod.

Wait what. o.O I is mod now? *goes mad with the power*

Thanks Alex. :)

Indeed :p Haha. I meant to make you one sooner.

I might be able to do the switch to ZSH.

And Done

Thank you kind sir, a million thanks. You == mod.

No problem Alex, Thanks.

OK I'm definitely hoggin the google dorking article. Challenge axe-epted.

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