News: Null Byte's First Technical Excellence Tutorial Contest Ends Feb. 15, 2016!

Null Byte's First Technical Excellence Tutorial Contest Ends Feb. 15, 2016!

As you all know, the first Null Byte Technical Excellence Tutorial Contest ends this coming Monday, Feb. 15, 2016. If you are working on another great article or your first article, try to complete it and submit it before midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST) to be considered in this contest.

The winner of this contest will not only receive a certificate verifying the technical excellence of their tutorial, but they will also receive a free copy of the Professional version of the Exploit Pack (worth over $300) with over 34,000 exploits!

I will be judging your submissions based upon the following criteria;

  1. Technical excellence: Is the information that is provided useful and accurate?
  2. Well-written: No grammatical and spelling errors.
  3. Easy to understand: Can the newbie understand and execute the hack?
  4. New and unique content: Don't rehash what has already been done here. Create some new and unique content.

Once the competition closes next Monday night, I will take a week or so to read through all the submissions and then announce the winner here on Null Byte.

So, if you are almost done with your first post or your 20th, try to finish it and submit it by Feb. 15th. I should say that the winner will also have an inside track at being appointed a Null Byte Fellow, so get to work and good luck my novice hackers!


Great initiative!!

In point 3 you mention executing a hack, however can it also be a guide written about something else then a hack?

Yes. The key is that a newbie can follow along easily.

awesome OTW! Crap! Should've saved my last tutorial!

I'm looking forward to who will win. I won't submit any article, though. I'm not saying I would win this competition if I did, but I feel that it is time that someone else will be recognised for their technical excellence, and I would only be interfering with that.

I'm already appointed a fellow, and that is more than enough recognition for me.

Good luck to you all!


Will you be posting your article after the contest is over? I was honestly looking forward to reading it.


What article are you talking about, exactly? My series I am planning to start on assembly programming, my upcoming article about the fundamental technologies of radio, or my article where I explain how a HDD works?


I'm looking forward to making them! assembly is an intriguing language to learn and to write about! And even though it is useless to program nowadays, it is still a necessity to reverse engineering.


And shellcodes ofcourse

That's just awesome! I'll make sure I forward any of my readers to your assembly series if they wish to get into RE/Malware Analysis/Exploitation!

The radio technology article was the only one I was aware of.


I guess I should begin working on that then. Though I believe dtm should get the award for his excellent articles about C programming.


Thanks for the incredibly generous nomination, Phoenix750, however I really have no use for $300 worth of exploits. Better give it to someone who wants (or needs) it more than I do.

I have the exact same feeling.


I didnt have time to take part in the contest.
So what exactly one had to do to win, i mean did he jus needed to post a How to at the forum ??

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