News: Null Byte's First White Hat Award for Technical Excellence Contest Has Closed

Null Byte's First White Hat Award for Technical Excellence Contest Has Closed

The first White Hat Award for Technical Excellence tutorial contest ended last night at midnight! We had many excellent articles submitted, once again re-affirming what an incredible community we have here at Null Byte! We had quite a flurry of great articles in the last few days. Thanks to all of you who submitted such high quality material to our community. Your efforts are appreciated and you have the undying gratitude of our community. We will not forget your efforts.

I'll be reading and evaluating all of the articles submitted over the next week and I expect to have chosen a winner by the end of next week or by Feb. 26.

If you have some thoughts as to which tutorial YOU think should win, please PM me with your thoughts. Remember, the criteria I am using are;

  • Technical excellence: Is the information that is provided useful and accurate?
  • Well-written: No grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Easy to understand: Can the newbie understand and execute the hack?
  • New and unique content: Don't rehash what has already been done here. Create some new and unique content.

The winner will receive; (1) a certificate of their award suitable for framing and an excellent resume enhancement; (2) the Exploit Pack Professional edition; and (3) will likely be chosen to become a Null Byte Fellow.

If you did not get your article in before this deadline, don't worry. I will be running another contest in the near future, so keep coming back to Null Byte for that announcement and to enhance your hacking and information security skills!

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Looking forward to the winner OTW. this might even lure other great artists to this community.

I'm also curious about the outcome of this contest.

I opt out, so you do not have read my (long) posts. That would save your some time ;). Good luck to all participants!


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