Power Pwn: A Stealthy New Hack Tool Disguised as an Innocent Power Strip

A Stealthy New Hack Tool Disguised as an Innocent Power Strip

The team behind the Pwn Plug, a little white box that can plug into any network and access it remotely, is at it again. This time, Pwnie Express is working for DARPA to create a hacking machine that looks like a power strip, cleverly called the Power Pwn.

Image via shopify.com

The device has wireless, ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities and can do a full-scale penetration test as well as bypass NAC and other security measures automatically.

Image via shopify.com

It has three modes: Evil AP, stealth mode and passive recon. In stealth mode, the listening ports are disabled and the device is unpingable.

Image via shopify.com

The Power Pwn has 16GB of internal storage and can even receive commands via SMS messaging.

Image via shopify.com

Anyone with $1,295 to spare can pre-order a Power Pwn now. The partnership with DARPA should deter most evildoers, but still, make sure to be on the lookout for stray power strips around your home or office.

Image via shopify.com

Want to know more? You can see all the technical specs for the Power Pwn (or even order one for yourself) here.

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