News: Pushing the First Null Byte Suite Update!

Pushing the First Null Byte Suite Update!

Hello everyone. As many of you know, we've successfully launched the Null Byte Suite for our wonderful community.

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In addition to the prepackaged tools, there is a dedicated GitHub repository where tools submitted by the community will be pushed to for distribution in the suite. There have only been a couple submissions, and out of them, only one fit the requirements. So, out of anticipation, we've added it to the suite!

What's the Point?

You may be asking yourself "What's the point of adding just one tool?" Well, there's a good reason for this. If we want to push out bigger updates in the future, when we'll need to test the update functionalities on a larger scale. I've tested it personally many times, but we need to have a larger scale test in order to insure functionality.

Here's Your Part

So, this is where you come in. This is going to be the larger scale update test. We would like you to perform the update and give your feedback in the comment section. We need to know of any and all errors that occur.

If we can manage to iron out any issues in the update process early on, we'll have a much easier time pushing out bigger updates in the future.

In order to update, just launch the suite normally, you should be prompted for an update upon launch.

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Thank you for reading and participating on our test!


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I went ahead and updated NBS and it worked just as it should, and the module functions. I must say you did a great job at making it effortless.

I did not know about this! Will help develop it!

Hello to all and especially to the Masters of security, the whitehats and the ethical hackers. I'm lerning a lot around here and it's a real pleasure to learn so much even if i finished school a long time ago!

I'm giving my feedback like asked above: the update version 1.0.1 works with no issues great job guys! and long lives to the NBS.

This is fantastic! I will sure try and help.


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