News: Reconnect to Victim's System Success

Reconnect to Victim's System Success

After a long time I succeed to reconnect to victim's system without a touch(the victim did not click the app again)

note:my big problem is the AVG sometimes the AVG does not discover it but sometimes does.....

first of all i hacked his pc with Veil-Evasion by sending him the virus and he clicked on it in the first time and i got a meterpreter session..

i upload file named "nc.exe" (NetCat and i entered the command)

i ran in the different terminal :run nc -v IP (victim) port(455) i got his shell through the shell i ran the command to open my file on his pc and i got this:

so i got again meterpreter without the victim clicks again on the application but it's work like persistence when the AVG is shutdown ..

can anyone tell me how to hide this file "nc.exe" that the AVG won't be able to discover him.
please it's very important there is a way to by pass AVG in this case?

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try to killav, if the doesnt work, Open rdp session or vnc when the victim isnt using the pc, and uninstall the av

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