News: Remote Chrome Password Stealer

Remote Chrome Password Stealer

These days I found a very beautifull python script that just prints the google chrome usernames and passwords that are stored on your machine.

In simple terms the script is self explanatory and goes to:

-"%APPDATA%\..\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Login Data"
where the passwords and usernames are stored
-decrypt them
-and prints the list of usernames and passwords

Step 1: My Remote Function

Of course I couldn't resist to modify this script and to add a function that takes the list, stores It to a txt file and send It via gmail wherever I want to.

So If anyone on any machine clicks this script(exe) then all his google chrome credentials will be sent to a gmail account.

Step 2: My Script

My script (Chrome-Venom) is on my github account and read carefully the file...

Step 3: End

This script is for educational purposes only and If anyone takes It for Illegal actions I am not taking any responsibility.


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Sounds cool enough :)

Neat stuff there ;) Would recommend different mail service tho

Thanks !

It is easy to change It on the script simply replace with


Nice one!

hi i am not sure it works a video or something would be nice

how to use this python script

Aye man I would like to use this but I don't really understand the code could you help please? thanks bro

i've installed pyinstaller and tried to convert it to .exe but there are some "syntax errors" at your code, i would like to communicate with you!

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