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IT Security Model

Hi fellows!

I finally decided to join this forum, which I find very interesting and has some great contributions into the tech and security space, appreciate it!

I decided that I wanted to share a some of my thoughts. Me and my study team while studying IT security "developed" this general model for security within IT, which I find often is overseen because it is "so basic":

But our point with this model is to illustrate that you have to take these three key points into account when developing as system. I often speak to people who wishes me or someone else to develop a system for their needs and they tell me: "I need MAXIMUM security". Which in my opinion is not the case, as the perfect secured system is unusable. (a system on the bottom of the sea in a secured-box)

This model should illustrate that security is a trade-off between functionality and usability, and you cannot maximise all of these completely.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on my thoughts and the model we created.

Thanks and a please to read posts from some of the great contributors.


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welcome to Null Byte. I just recently signed up on this forum as well.

Does anyone have a IRC recommended Server? I'm also looking for word dictionaries like rockyou.txt but in different languages. Any ideas?

Any specificeret language?

The point is to try and realize a secyre system that doesn't sacriface usability, else there's no point in debate: just don't use your computer and you are safe.

Completly agree :-)

Some clients/people doesn't realize it

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