News: Signal - the Encryption App That Keeps NSA & Governments Away!

Signal - the Encryption App That Keeps NSA & Governments Away!

Want the next level security? Well then take a read here because this is some next level stuff.

Heard of It?

There's a new app called Signal that has just been released, and people are shockingly surprised over its features. It is said to keep prying eyes including NSA & Governements COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS.

What Is Signal?

Signal is an encryption app released by Open Whisper Systems. The app allows you to send group text, pictures, videos completely encrypted, and without having to worry about ANYONE knowing what you are doing.

The code is open source and available for everyone to download on for even experts to fully examine it if they wish to.


"Even if we wanted to, we can't hand your information over to anyone,"

  • Founder Moxie Marlinspike says

Available For:

It is a FREE app for both Android and iOS. Free? yes you don't have to pay a single penny for this incredible app. iPhone users should have no problem finding it, however I am not certain Android users can. But if you can't then the app is split into two apps, one called RedPhone and another called TextSecure.

Why Signal Is Getting the Spotlight:

Signal is getting the spotlight for a various of reasons. Number one being it is a 2 in 1 app / upgrade from the app TextSecure which is able to send encrypted text messages only, and Redphone being able to talk over a secure line. Now comes Signal, an app that does both, for free.

Also because it is for both iOS & Android.

And of course, can't forget that the code is open source so you can use it to create your own encryption software, or take a look at the protocol for the app yourself and then determine wether or not Open Whisper Systems is another company wanting to steal your information.

Edward Snowden:

Ed Snowden the man we all know has even spoken out about the app being useful. Since I find Mr. Snowden a very reliable source, I have no hesitation to download the app.

Ed explains in an interview that Signal is his favorite encryption software.

A few words from the man himself:

"Use anything by Open Whisper Systems".

Quick Tip:

There are even a signature key that every user has so you can be completely sure you are actually speaking to the person you are speaking to.

What if a hacker got a hold of that signature key?

Don't worry, Open Whisper Systems got your back on that.

If someone gets a hold of it, they won't be able to see what you have said or written in the past, because it will be scrambled.

Now What?

Well, this to me is an extremely nice news. I can now speak with whomever I want to without having to worry about anyone peeking in on what's going on.

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intersting....i will try it i gotta sleep but anyway thanks for sharing +1
Hacked by Mr__Nakup3nda

Thanks for the share!

I heard of this blend but I still have to look into it.

I remember when Telegram was still a thing, just before it failed on encrypting its memory (i.e. messages are encrypted, but when the program is running on your device, memory can be dumped and you still have clear text). Let's hope this one is better and, most of all, won't require your phone number (not even a hash of it).

this does require your phone number, but as they have stated themselves, even if they wanted to they can't pass on our information to anyone. and the signature key that every user has makes it even more secure for the user to keep their data secure.

regardless I don't think the number verification compromises the users identity

Very interesting, always good to remember that your can never really be 100% and just because this app encrypts everything that doesn't mean you can be lazy; you must still take the proper precautions.


that is very true. you can never be completely safe, which is what many fails to realize, that you are always in danger even if you are behind unlimited russian proxies and vpn and running tor only etc etc.

Take the proper precautions always definitely.

Great article, glad this type of thing exists.

it sure was time for this to arrive, most definitely.

You could have added that the encryption of messages is done by OTR (AES and DH). It's good to know the type of encryption that is behind.

You are right Jako. I should have done that, I didn't think about that.

But thanks for enlightening that to us.

You're welcome! It's just a side note. +1

Where's the download link at its not a share if there's no link

my intention for this post was to enlighten everybody on this new app. however I did state above that its an App which means you can download it for your mobile device

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