News: Simple Man-in-the-Middle Script: For Script Kiddies

Simple Man-in-the-Middle Script: For Script Kiddies

This Is for the Script Kiddies:

This tutorial is about a script written for the How to Conduct a Simple Man-in-the-Middle Attack written by the one and only OTW.

Hello script kiddies, Just running a script doesn't give you the understanding of what's going on under the hood. Hence it's not hacking.

Please read the the well written tutorial by the OTW before continuing. You will get a good understanding of what's going on under the hood and the tools that are used and why.

What This Script Do:

It will scan for victims, auto detect local interface and default gateway. Also set up the MitM attack for the victim, router, ipforward, and restore the victim when done.

All you need to do is enter the victim's IP Address. That's it.

What Tools Are Needed:

Kali Linux or any pentesting distro


Usage: Read the README.Md

sudo ./

After Target Poisoned:
Run sniffers in external terminals
Note: Your local interface may differ

Step 1: Driftnet -I eth0

driftnet -- Will capture all image traffic, when victim browse a website.

Step 2: Urlsnarf -I eth0

urlsnarf -- Captures all victim's website addresses visited by victim's machine.

Step 3: Dsniff -i eth0

dnsiff -- Sniffs cleartext passwords. Unique authentication attempts.

Step 4: Start Iceweasel from the Command Line

webspy -- Watches in real-time as the victim surfs, your browser surfs along with them, automagically.

Step 5: Surf from the Victim's Machine

Where to Get It:

Click the 'Download' option on the left, then 'Download repository'.

No need to state the obvious about the educational blah blah.

Written by: n0neXn0ne

Please leave question in comment section below.

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Tbh you sound like a script kiddie when posting other peoples tutorials and scripts while trying to "educate" your own kind.. Sorry if this sounds rude. Not the intention.


. . .

Brill post, thanks! :D

Got This error:
root@dhcppc8:~# sudo chmod +x
root@dhcppc8:~# ./
./ line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
./ line 1: `<!DOCTYPE html>'
What should I do?

You downloaded it as a html file.
Click on the Raw::
Right click -> Save As ->

am thinking weather you have you create a post on the script that auto copies files from computer to usb and vice versal pendrive on linux and windows also.

I didnt understand how to use the webspy command and how to make it work in your browser. I check the creator's site too but without any results.

bro. does this work on sniffing android devices?

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