News: Skyrim Covers That Will Make Your Ears Climax

Skyrim Covers That Will Make Your Ears Climax

Without Much Delay: The Below Videos Are Awesome! 'Nuff Said.

When a game like Skyrim comes out, people camp out in front of game stores (those who use Steam camp out in front of their PCs). Shortly after it releases, modders and hackers add various enhancements and improvements to the game to make it even more amazing than it was at vanilla stage. Seeing as the game-play side of it is being done-redone-rehashed-and-revamped, surely a game of such epic proportions deserves a great cover for one (or a few) of its songs? Well yes, yes it friggin' does. And below I have embedded not one, not two, but five (that's the highest number I can count to before losing interest) Skyrim covers!

So, fellow TES lovers, grab a mug of ale, or mead, or mammoth cheese, and enjoy these amazing pieces of music. 

"..The first video... Look at his facial expression in (0:05) - It's like - "Oh yeah m$£%"£F&$£er, it's ON"!"

"..I can has her phone number plx?"

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wow! talent is something computers will never imitate. Great videos!

can't imitate but can enhance

Computers prevent us from EVER hearing this -
Ok maybe I should have picked a less frightening example, but the importance of autotune can never be undersold!

/me remembers playing Zelda covers.

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