Social Engineering: The Basics

The Basics

I felt our community would benefit from this article.

Social engineering is a big part of what we do, so it's something you should all become familiar with.

This article outlines some basic principles of social engineering. While the information we want will be more specific to the company or network we're trying to break into, fundamentals are a good stepping stone to understanding how people instinctively react to various situations.

By using this information and putting it into practice you will be able to become more specific and authoritative with your social engineering and in turn, get more of the information you want.

Remember, there is no patch for human nature.


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"Remember, there is no patch for human nature."
well said :-)

doesn't really get into examples much but it gives people a good idea of how to go about tricking someone.

like how security questions are sometimes pet name.

add them and tell them you got a new pet and tell them it's name then ask them if they have any pets and ask what are their names?

tricking people can be fun but it takes patience.
almost never works the first time.

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