News: Stop CISPA NOW!!!


The US government is trying to push another anti-piracy bill through without anyone knowing so please click the link and sign it to tell Congress that they can't get away with this.

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Doubt there will be a blackout for this one, since Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon and other big companies support it.

Well the blackout was because people knew what SOPA and PIPA was and how everyone was complaining about it on every social network which spread the word about what it effectively would have done and because it became an semi-organized event (the blackout).

I worry about the cycle of "create bill" --> "#$%@storm" ---> "create new bill" ... At some point people will stop complaining about it as the wording gets more and more vague. Next thing you know we have thought police and everyone is looking at each other wondering how we got here.

Today we are going to vote on weather people still have the right to drive on the public roadways. Only the morons would vote against this bill. Did we mention that this bill also includes the stipulation that police will also be able to do a full cavity search on demand without reason or justification? Oh well, too late. It's already been voted on and everyone signed off already. It's law and there's nothing you can do about it now. Let the cavity searches begin!

Your comment reminded me of this -

sick man. just sick. Funny as hell, but sick.

And where did this get us?

Not where we wanted to be? ( ;_;)

To un-derail us: Who else thinks the people who make these bills have no idea what they're doing? I seriously get pissed off when people try to "fix" something they know nothing about.
Glad to see you 'mericans aren't sitting on your butts when the interweb is threatened. Take UK for example - they've been bending over to everyone since 1990's. And now we're a cesspool of hypocrites and self-serving moronic consumer zombies fitted into human skins.
inb4 advices for seeking psychological aid

I believe that most lawmakers don't pay attention to what exactly they are signing. For them passing laws is more about who they will impress/not piss off and how that will influence their position. I can't remember the statistics, but I think that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) that was signed and passed into law was read by a very minute portion (maybe 4%) of those same lawmakers. When confronted, most didn't even have a clue what it was about although their signature was on the bill. The DCMA has been, in my opinion, one of the most abused pieces of legislation that has come around in decades.

This shows that the lawmakers are signing based on what they believe will keep them in power. Not exactly the civil servant that they are supposed to be, but self-serving politicians that we detest.

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