TypoGuy Explaining Anonymity: Who Is Anonymous?

Who Is Anonymous?

Continuing this series, I am now moving on to the section, 'Anonymous'.
Hope you are looking forward to read this.

Anonymous - What/Who Are They?

A Quick introduction in case someone doesn't know what they are and who they are.

  • Anonymous is an idea. An idea of anybody who wants to can become anonymous, and protest with other anons. Together they make the organization 'Anonymous'.

that's pretty much it.

How 'Anonymous' Are They Actually?

Many might believe anons are impossible to track down, or very hard to track down, which is partly true. Anonymous as a whole is impossible to track down because it's just not possible to track down an organization that anyone can become a part of.

Many anons however are VERY anonymous, and are very hard to track down because they have been in the game for a long time and know how to stay secure, and they stay in the shadows.

Really, in the shadows.

The remaining part they are mostly newbies or #newbloods or just people that are to eager and therefore make mistakes and gets caught.

So the conclusion here is;

Nobody can track down everybody in Anonymous, simply impossible.
However behind the scenes a lot of anons actually get arrested for simple and stupid mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, many many anons are very strict with their security and anonymity.

What Can They Do?

Anonymous is capable of literally everything, and I don't mean that in a way of putting Anonymous in a good light, but alone an anon can do some serious damage, but if you put just 3 or 4 anons together you get what was created some years back. Yes you guessed it; Lulzsec.

Lulzsec were a team of 6 however 3-4 of them were the core members and were mostly visible to the public, with the remaining 2 operating in the shadows. They did some serious damage, hitting every major company one after one.

Lulzsec & Antisec for that matter is a perfect example of what anons can do if just a few of them come together. And another great example is #OpISIS. Many anons are contributing to this op, really there's a lot of anons on this op, and already they have taken down over 31,000 + twitter accounts in a little over a week incl many websites and DDoS attacks.

How Can You Stay 'Safe' from Anonymous?

If you think Anonymous is a bad organization and don't like them in general, then my best suggestion is to not talk about them and distance yourself from anything associated with Anonymous in general.

  • What does Anonymous have to do with being anonymous online?

Let me tell you!

A lot actually. Because with Anonymous a lot of attention also comes along, and if you can't handle the pressure, you will likely make mistakes and then therefore get caught. As I have stated above, countless of anons operate in the shadows and those are usually the ones who survive the longest and many even survive the entire run.

The other half though they get caught because they think they are invisible and are immortal in some way. That's when their ego takes over and makes mistakes and the FBI then knocks on their door.


If you want as much anonymity as possible, I would tell you to ask yourself, what do you prefer? What will benefit you the most? if being apart of Anonymous is the most secure way for you, then go ahead. Just remember it's very illegal what they do, however there have been some debate on whether or not #OpISIS should be considered a crime, because technically they are committing crimes, but they are helping tremendously with catching the bad guys.

You Wouldn't Even Know:

If you are paranoid and want as much anonymity as possible, just know that anons are very powerful because they know how to evade anything that will come in their way of achieving their goal. If they really want'd to hurt you in some way, you wouldn't know if they don't want you to.

Again, don't get me wrong, some anons aren't as skilled as others and, can therefore make mistakes.

How Would You Join Anonymous?

Well, if you simply want to support Anonymous and want to become what they are, all you would need to do is create an anonymous account with the name 'Anonymous' and that's it.

  • What if I want to really join Anonymous?

If you mean like helping them on operations the answer is very simple, and that's to join their IRC chat.

Closing Tip:

I wanted to clarify this sections as I think it's very important to be aware of this, when Anonymous i very big in the hacking community, and also the news.

I hope this helped with your anonymity and taking the proper precautions, and keep coming back for future tutorials.

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And remember - if you will get some deep web info, or script or anything which should remain in shadows - never brag about it. I've seen few good actions and script getting burned coz of bragging by someone.

What are some IRC servers you would recommend?

I would recommend checking out their website anoninsiders and look around there

Typoguy, glad you are explaining this to the people here on Null-Byte. However I did quite and extensive research phase during my earlier years. I would suggest that you mention that only a small portion of them are very professional hackers. From my research I came across that most of those DDOS attacks were just script kiddies. Also, as seen in the picture below, Anonymous is not actually a Hacking idea. They are actually confused and are an activist group.

Image via quoracdn.net

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