News: Use Decentralized Cloud Storage to Keep the NSA from Tracking You

Use Decentralized Cloud Storage to Keep the NSA from Tracking You

There has been much talk about how unsecure the cloud is because of PRISM's newfound ability to demand all of your data without any resistance. This has spin doctors in the Cloud Storage industry losing their mind. They suddenly went from a central hub for 10GB of your files, to an easy window for Big Brother to track you through. Centralized cloud storage is no longer a safe way to keep your files, but we still need a way to access our files anywhere we go.

The answer is decentralized storage. Companies like Backup That offer easy-to-use decentralized cloud storage. By linking email accounts together, Backup That accesses the space you already have and turns it into a full-fledged cloud storage solution. . uses an IMAP archiving system to link multiple email accounts together and offer users potentially unlimited, decentralized cloud storage, for free. Users can make hundreds of dummy email accounts in no time at all, and can link them together with Backup That's file manager to create a secure web of file storage.

With decentralized cloud storage, prying eyes will not have the luxury of calling on one big-box cloud storage company to access all of your files. They'll have to know that I am and and my files are stored among 10 different accounts with names like that that can't be linked back to me. Would-be spies would be given a tangled and confusing web of file storage and users can add more and more secure mailboxes to this web as the market provides them. Users, however, get one easy, secure interface that lets them view all of their files regardless of how distributed they are.

With government tracking on everyone's minds, it is time we looked at a new way to store our files without going back into the Stone Age in fear of being spied on. Backup That offers a great way to decentralize your cloud storage, keep all of the features you love, but make it harder for the NSA to watch your every upload.

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