News: View a Live DDoS Map

View a Live DDoS Map

This is a live map feed to current DDoS Attacks globally.


Thought I would post this to give you an idea of the size and scope of DDoS Attacks at any given moment. Plus it looks k00l.

Some of the sites on this list are mis-configured BGP, Servers, Sync Traffic. Yet if you know what to look for you can see the Spamxxxx - xxxxBunker DDoS War Shoot back and forth.

Something to look at, one day you may need this map.

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Very Cool! Thanks CyberhitchHiker!


makes you wonder how anyone gets caught hacking. since there is so much hacking activity already.

so this is a live world pic. of all ddos attack who is performed right now!! how awesome is that :D
china is insane xD

Wait this is just DDOS? I thought it was all cyber warfare. I knew about this but i thought it was all hacking not just DDOS. Also whoever made that doesnt realize what port 50856 is. Correct me if im wrong its TCP/UDP?

You aren't wrong but you aren't right. The picture was also showing the services on the ports. Virtually everything on the internet is TCP/UDP so that much is inferred. Also, port 50856 wasn't one of the open ports.

I think it is down:

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