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I got bored so i wanted to know what each of you got as a wallpaper. Here is mine, post yours in the comment.

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Good post, i am using official Kali Linux wallpaper but i found this wallpapers. Hope you guys will like them.

Image via
Image via
Image via
Image via

Thanks, i liked the first one

From my Kali 1.1.0 system. I haven't changed it in Kali 2.0 yet.


My favourite one; it's on all of my machines.


Hope I haven't copyright problems with it

Holy shit i need this in my life, Link?

Thanks dude, using it as my wallpaper now

This is my current wallpaper :3

It's from ParrotSEC I love it

Yeah ParrotSec is awesome and so are its wallpapers

Daaaaamn *-*

Its cinda crappy but you get used to it

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