News: Why Newbies Deserve Respect

Why Newbies Deserve Respect

Due to recent conflicts, I feel the urge to post this, in hopes that some of you will feel less hatred towards newbies, or a more respectable name, beginners.

Let me remind you, we all were newbies at one point or another.

One reason I loved Null Byte when I first joined was the helpful community, and genius members.

I was a newbie, and I still am. If you think about it, none of us are experts in EVERY subject, and if you know anything about forums you will know that it STINKS when you ask a question and get shutdown in a blink.

Newbies deserve respect. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both newbies. They're marketing geniuses in the IT field.

Here is a quick introduction to helping a beginner answer his or her question in a way that will help them learn rather than regret.

Step 1: Site a Tutorial or Article

One thing that helps noobs is giving them a good article to read. If someone asks me how to perform a social engineering attack, I am always sure to link them to some kind of tutorial.

Links help a lot!

Step 2: Give Them a Tip

I love getting a tip or helpful comment from an expert. It helps my learn and gives me a guide to future questions.

Step 3: Conclusion

Respect one another.

Null Byte isn't just a community, it's a family.

I think of Null Byte as a place to learn and contribute. A pit of knowledge and resources.

Let's make sure that stays the reality!


(Special thank you to OTW for making Null Byte a safe place)

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You are welcome, Cameron. It's nice to know that someone appreciates my efforts to keep Null Byte safe.

Great Job addressing this subject Cameron! Kudos +1

Show others the same respect we showed to you when you first joined.


I think the article was saying the complete opposite. Why be dicks to each other?

Nice!! I do everything to help anyone like me!! Team newb!! ;);)

Now this is what we call a <REAL POST>

I notice most don't even respond to the questions from newbies. Sorta defeats the purpose of this site. Also, I see that lately pple talking crap and criticizing the hell out of pple who are trying to HELP for no reason! Comments like "lulz" to an article. What help does that do for anyone? If you think the article is incorrect, explain WHY! When you don't, you come off as rude and disrespectful. II saw someone talking crap to a girl the other week about recommending Brutus. The dude was claiming it's crap now when it's the most widely used cracking software out there. Pple just don't want to believe that someone who's new to the forum might actually know what the heck he or she is talking about. Just because you're new to the site, doesn't mean you're new to the game.

ALSO...if someone stops and takes the time to answer your question, be a decent person and give them an upvote. My josh

You know what I get for helping?? -2 kudos...

Haha... pet pet there you got rewarded... ;D

Hope that this community flourishes with info and good contributors.


Thank you for the help I have received.

Im starting from zero, (I have not any previous knowledge in the topic) but I do really want to learn more about hacking.

Should you have any ideas, please, do not hesitate to share them with me.

We all started from zero, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Shoot me any questions if you stumble on them.

That's a really important matter and I'm glad you decided to shed some light on it. A lot of beginners are sometimes too afraid to ask questions due to a fear of appearing 'stupid' to more experienced people in the field.

People with greater knowledge should actually be proud of helping those in need. All in all, everyone ends up practicing topics provided here out of interest. And that's already respectable. Even more is opening to other people with your knowledge, fueling their passion and their will to learn useful things; all on the way to build a stronger society and thus, a better tomorrow.

So my respect to everyone sharing their experience here and also to those who are yet to start their adventure with hacking (or IT, in general).

I second this comment. Thank you for replying!
-Cameron Glass

Hi, I'm pre-noob (only language skills used 20 odd years ago with Basic and a simplistic knowledge of networks) I love IT and wanted to be a coder when I was younger, but living in rural Lincolnshire (pre-internet), and coming from a poor family I didn't easily have access to info that would have helped me in this area (anything that was available from the library was either too simple, or too advanced. I realise you probably get asked this rather a lot, but I was hoping you'd be able to point me in the direction of a specific thread, or give me a short, bulleted list of steps, you think would be the simplest way forward to begin learning to become a white hat. I have tried searching for info and guidance, but figured it might be easier than reinventing the wheel to ask people who would have a good idea as to red herrings and dead ends to avoid (I really don't want to invest my limited time searching / reading through 100's of places that may be either; totally useless, contradictory or ambiguous and not necessarily knowing). Appreciate any advice anyone can give.


i a newbie or you guys can call me a script kiddies... but in the future i hope i can be a master too i have joined TWO forum NULL BYTE and HACK THIS SITE.ORG in this forum you guys full with knowledge but.. not with testing ground so in HACK THIS SITE .org their have some sort a mission in there... it got level in the mission... basic mission contain 10 level mission and i have stuck in basic level 6 mission about testing crypytography skill... anyone that have knowledge or article about "crypytography" i'll be happy to learn...

sorry the english is bad... cuz i from indonesia
and thankyou all i love this forum as much i love my life...

I suggest also getting Kali running on your computer. isn't bad at all but still it is only for Web attacks.

I respect everyone and don't spread hatred, but sometimes I get angry with beginners I situations like these : there is a very difficult article like "how to hack into IoT omg super difficult not for noobs". And then some noob with 2 days of experience asks "how do I open the terminal?". I you unterstand? I saw tons of people asking questions like "what is a file?" (ok I'm overdoing it a little bit) on tutorials about Metasploit or aircrack-ng that require at least some basic knowledge about IT and Linux, and they don't read that because when they see "basic" in the title they think "nah, I'm too pro to read this, with my 5 minutes experience, I'd better read about how I can hack the Ecorp" (lol Mr robot). I hope I was clear and polite

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