News: It Would Appear from This Piece of News That We Can All Just Pack in Now and Call It a Day.

It Would Appear from This Piece of News That We Can All Just Pack in Now and Call It a Day.


It's still being vulnerable to hypothetical zero-days though, isn't that?
Also, it is aimed at XP.

It might be a useful piece of code, but breaks the point we are trying to make everyday: upgrade instead of blocking attacks (and learn ways to defend yourself). How should we carry on talking about it? Even Microsoft stopped XP support. It is unsafe, even with a powerful piece of code like that one. I wonder how many poeple don't even know what Shellshock is and are being hacked every day (at least, that's how it feels like in my country).

Why are we still using present verbs with XP anyway? It should be dead since a long ago.
Should we revolutionize computers to revolutionize upgrades to revolutionize computers?
Or only people?

Not mad with anyone people, just wanted to start Imo an interesting topic, thank you for the input BEANS, yours are always very interesting.

The piece repeatedly states that the methodology can identify known network attacks; this would suggest the zero days will still get through. From the language used it would appear that the software identifies behavioural indicators, rather than a single identifiable signature. To my, admittedly inexperienced mind, this would suggest that a zero day that behaved in a similar way to a known vulnerability would be picked up and blocked by this. Thanks for your comments; I can only hope others are as interested.

Well, since I'm not an expert too, I can only agree with your theory about similar zero days (for example if a XP protocol is well known to be unsafe, the program might filter it very strongly).

Let's see what other people think about that.

It WILL still be breached. That is just marketing hype. There is NO foolproof way to detect ALL network attacks. Let's be real here.

I agree with others that it will fail.

Various companies have been making claims about unbreakable for a decade. Only thing I ever heard of like this was what casino's use..

"Known network attacks" i.e. packet signing by msf and other various tools.

"the software identifies behavioural indicators" i.e. A.I Logic, at some point they will have to tame it. It will stop monkey from blasting it with wrenches.

The gist of it: Step your game up. You will get one shot at it per attempt that is for the few companies that will adopt the new tech.

That's my 2 cents about it..

It will still be breached and evaded.


After reading this, it's become painfully obvious that the journalist has fallen victim to what I was warned about in college. Basically the marketing department of this company or a separate marketing firm created a 'press release' about the product. It's free advertising in the form of 'news'.

And again, nothing is 100% secure. This should be common knowledge around here by now.


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