Video: How to Crack Weak Wi-Fi Passwords in Seconds with Airgeddon on Parrot OS

How to Crack Weak Wi-Fi Passwords in Seconds with Airgeddon on Parrot OS

A weak password is one that is short, common, or easy to guess. Equally bad are secure but reused passwords that have been lost by negligent third-party companies like Equifax and Yahoo. Today, we will use Airgeddon, a wireless auditing framework, to show how anyone can crack bad passwords for WPA and WPA2 wireless networks in minutes or seconds with only a computer and network adapter.

To follow this guide, you'll need a wireless network adapter capable of monitor mode and packet injection. You will also need a computer capable of running VirtualBox, an open-source hypervisor, software that can create and run multiple virtual machines. This should be easy since VirtualBox has downloads for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can also download a copy of Parrot Security OS (aka ParrotSec) to run in VirtualBox if you'd like everything to work like in our video guide below. If you want to download the ParrotSec ISO but you'd also like to stay off any NSA lists, you can always use a proxy server to download the image file while hiding your IP address.

If you're already set up on Arch or Kali Linux, you can also install Airgeddon and any dependencies following the directions on GitHub, and then follow along. One thing to note: Airgeddon needs to open other windows to work, so this won't work via SSH (Secure Shell), only VNC (Virtual Networking Computer) or with a screen.

As you can see in the video above, a WPA handshake can be grabbed in seconds, leaving the strength of your password as your last line of defense. If this can't stand up to a reasonable assault, your data is as good as gone if an attacker decides to knock on the door of your network.

If you're looking for some help, there are plenty of ways to prevent yourself from being easy to attack with this method. Never reuse passwords, and always make sure to use secure passwords hackers won't like. Password managers like LastPass also allow you to create and sync secure passwords that are much harder to brute-force. Lastly, never share your Wi-Fi password when you don't need to, and change it regularly if you have to share your password at all.

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If it is a strong password, you can send deauth.

By the way familiar name ;)

Hi Sir, I am an Electronics undergraduate student. I am from Sri Lanka. I come from poor family background. I interest in learning cybersecurity. Can you please teach me about some basic things? like wifi attacks, use to hack some gadgets example esp32, Raspberry pi.

Anyone please help

Very informative video. Thank you for this.

Nice tutorial, and the wallpaper too, can you bring a link for it?

I believe it is one of the default ones in parrot security os

What is your relationship with kody? I know hoid and barrow is a writer, is kody also a writer?

so many questions. Miss hearing from you Justin!

Hey Kody, hope you are doing great, i tried this method but the problem im facing is that when i choose option 1 i.e Deauth / disassoc amok mdk4 attack, handshake is not happening but when i choose option 2 i.e Deauth aireplay attack it works why is that need you help.

Hello there,

I am facing an issue and I hope you can help. I have recently installed Kali and I get an issue when I run the following command : airmong-ng start wlan0 , I get a notice to run first "airmon-ng check kill". I run this command and then re-run "airmon-ng start wlan0" , I get the same notification again to run "airmon-ng check kill". This goes on and on. Please see the screenshot

What card are you using?

Hey KODY, first i would like to thank you for all this educative videos. Good work keep it up. The question comes down to whether to use parrot or kali ? please advice

As i know kali is resource hungry compare to parrot being light weight Distro

I have two problems:

  1. it detects my wifi card as wlan0, but it does not detect the chipset
  2. when I put it into monitor mode it says "Monitor mode now is set on channel", it dows not go into monitor mode

If I then select any option it says that I have to put it into monitor mode. Does any ome know what I'm doing wrong? I haven't installed the drivers yet, so maybe that's the problem. If anyone knows the answer pls reply.



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