A Null Byte Call to Arms: Join the Fight Against Ignorance

Join the Fight Against Ignorance

Another week has passed on the online battlefield as the CISPA legislation continues to grind away at our freedom. Here at Null Byte, we try to keep our community informed and knowledgeable at the same time—and that means creating content for them to learn from.

After last week's call to arms, Matthew Herman wrote an overview on starting Java for everyone. And I know there are definitely more of you Null Byters out there with coding experience that can help out some of our newer members. Programming is a complicated topic and there are a lot of eager eyes here.

Also, Manro and myself are in discussions about starting an on going C/C++ project, so anyone interested in that should let either one of us know. This looks to be a great chance for developers to meet with and help out the newer ones just taking their first steps in coding.

What Can I Do?

We need talented leaders to help guide the newer members along. Our community is very diverse with interests ranging from networking, programming, and most things in the middle. As such, the mods and myself cannot hope to cover everything with our limited resources—this is where you come in!

Below are some ideas me and the mod team came up with, based on user feedback. These are the ideas and concepts that we believe would have the most impact at Null Byte.

  • Physical Firewalls - Build It!

Software firewalls are easy enough (sometimes), but what about physical devices? How can a user turn an older PC into a useable firewall?

  • Intro to PHP - Code It!

With PHP slowly gaining in injection issues, a good intro to programming with it would be great. Show us how to make a basic and secure webpage.

  • Linux - Secure It!

Take that default Linux installation and make it robust and secure. Explain privileges and partition security.

  • Math and Encryption - Show It!

For all you math buffs out there, give us a overview of the mathematics of encryption. Why is it so hard to break certain algorithms?

  • Mac Security - Uh, Mac It!

Security on a Mac is an asked about and under covered topic, and Null Byte is no exception. Are you our resident Mac expert? Some notes on security measures would be great.

What If I Find Some Good News or Facts That I Want to Share?

Maybe writing articles is not your cup of tea, no worries. We're always on the lookout for breaking news in technosphere. Did you find something hot? Post it to our corkboard and let's get some debate going about it. Even better than that perhaps would be our forum, so start a thread and ask your questions.

On the topic of good news, Null Byte is also looking for a Mac moderator. We are receiving more and more questions about Macs and someone with a solid background using them should step forward and shoot me a message!

The Why...

We are here to offer a shelter to the oncoming tide of government intervention and monitoring about to take place. Our only goal is to offer a safe resource where new ideas can take ground. Welcome to Null Byte.

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What to say about math in encryption… Encryption uses all math, sometimes all at once...

I think he means he wants an explanation of the basic mathematical principles that make encryption effective or perhaps an overview of different encryption algorithms with their strengths and weaknesses? That is to say, there is A TON to say about math in encryption.

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