Skyrim Hack: Get Whatever Items You Want By Hacking Your Game Save

Get Whatever Items You Want By Hacking Your Game Save

Here's another Null Byte on hacking our Skyrim game saves. Some of the rarer items in Skyrim are really fun to play with. However, seeing as they are rare, you will probably not see all of the best weapons in the game. Null Byte doesn't take too kindly to games that don't give us the rarest items when we please. Let's beat this game into submission by hacking our game save files via hex editing.


  • PC or Xbox game save
  • An item you do not care to lose in your inventory
  • Game saved to a thumb drive (if playing on Xbox)
  • A hex editor—we will be using the most common hex editor, Hex Workshop. I like wxHexEditor and HxD. The principals are nearly the same, so you could use another editor if you would like.
  • Horizon installed (Xbox users)

Step 1 Extract Your Game Save

  1. Throw your item that you don't care to lose in a jar or similar storage object.
  2. Save your game.
  3. Extract the game save .dat file to your desktop. You can learn how to do it here.How to Get Unlimited Money in Skyrim by Hacking Your Game Saves

Step 2 Edit the Save

  1. Open your extracted Savegame.dat in Hex Workshop.
  2. Look up the hex value of the item you do not care about and the item you want on the Skyrim Wiki.Skyrim Hack: Get Whatever Items You Want By Hacking Your Game Save
  3. Swap the value of the item you don't want with the item that you do want.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Drag the new .dat file back to the contents location in Horizon and replace the old one.How to Get Unlimited Money in Skyrim by Hacking Your Game Saves
  6. Click Save, Rehash, and Resign.

When you start your game back up, the thing your item was stored in should now contain your new, shiny, rare one.

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~player.additem "item_code"

I looked at the ID codes on the wiki and couldnt find the items in the Hex Editor...Im doing something wrong....please help a humble idiot lol

Habib are you on the 360 or cpu?
360 save would be 32 bit signed long and or simply put 1500 gold in an empty barrel, type in 1500. find the 40000F then your item would be next to the gold amount.
00100E40 Ring of Blacksmith mastery (original cpu hex)
00500E40 Ring of Blacksmith mastery (xbox 360 hex)
so you would insert this above in place of say an iron arrow (FF41397D)this would become (00500E40)... hope this helps

That's such a convenient way to search for items, haha. Thank you :).

40000F-C9040000 -0041397D
point to look for- current gold- arrow

I was able to Hex the gold, that was Easy Shawn, but the items are complicated. So all I have to do is add 400 to the original cpu Hex?

No no.... Put 1500 gold that you will not change into a barrel along with the item you want to say you put an iron arrow in the barrel with the gold. Search for the amount of gold. find it. then type the hex code for the arrow or search for it if you know it which I listed as 0041397D=find this number with the hex code. Change it to the item you want it to be such as ebony mail"awesome ass armor!!!! 00452794..... so you'll switch this-->0041397D to this--->00452794. normally this code would be 00052794 in cpu hex but we switch the last 0 into a 4 so it can be read and understood by xbox. You are using Modio or Horizon as well right?

Habib here is a site that gives all of the hex in cpu form remember the last 0 [00(0)12345] needs to be changed into a 4. unless its a ring then it is 5

Hey if you have any trouble let me know ill help any way i can.. Use the ebony code it rocks..

well i tried Ebony Armor and did what you said but for some reason the item I put in wouldnt change to it

What did you try? Use the Iron arrow. just put in 1500 gold and an iron arrow into a barrel that is outside. cannot be in an inside barrel or chest. then search for the numbers i have above.
look for this after your gold or right before it (FF41397D)(0041397D) either one may be iron arrow. It depends on the turn out on how you did everything. put gold in first-"dont mod your gold". keep it the same just to try this out. then do 32 bit signed long little endian all searches and type in 1500. you should get a hex number and a yellow hex to the right of that you should see the number FF41397D or 0041397D.

hope it worked. remember to be in your gamesave.dat file not your actual gamesave.exe file

Damn i used modded gold...i just cant win lol , Ill try the arrow method with the gold. I didnt use an arrow when I tried ; I used an Iron Mace...back to the drawing board

ya you can keep all the gold in your pocket but i have been using 1225 gold, it seems to work better and have less found while looking. usually 4-11 incidences found. then you look right of the gold and BOOM there is your arrow number to be changed... Once you get it once you'll have it... It becomes a repeat process, then you'll want this and you'll want want that.... Just remember that you can use an iron arrow for anything that you want to change it into.

So the easiest way I have done it...... take 1225 gold put it in a barrel. Then take 2 iron arrows and put them in a barrel next to the gold. save to a usb already plugged into your xbox. pull it, put it in the cpu. extract data file using horizon, open hex. hit (cntrl F) and type in 32 bit signed long, little endian, all incedences found all matches. then type in 1225 a hex amount comes up should have 2 found.. then look for the 40000F C904000 0041397D 02 this is exactly what you should be looking for.
# ^GOLD ^ARROW ^amount to change to FF for 255 of the amount

i have a pc game and my files are .ess so...

Well if you are on the PC you can just push the ~ key and use a few codes on the internet to get what you want. For example "player.additem 0000000f1 1000" that will add 1000 gold to your player account.

im trying to get the priest mask krosis because i had it and have somehow lost it. i am new to all of this so im sorry for sounding like a noob but im confused as to what im supposed to do. i have downloaded hex workshop and horizon. i understand how to extract the .dat file i just dont know what to do once im in hex workshop i get lost really easy. i placed 1225 gold and 2 iron arrows in a barrel. am i supposed to place the gold in one barrel and the arrows in one beside it or can the be in the same one? and the mask code is RefID 000F8A48 BaseID 00100767

Can I suggest you use skyrim's in-game console? Just press the tilde key while playing (~) and enter:
player.additem [itemid] [quantity]

For example, 100,000 gold pieces = player.additem F 100000
The mask you want = player.additem 000F8A48 1
Always use reference ID's when using this command.

I know this site is all about hacking, but I cannot justify the waste of time by using hex editors to "hack" a save file, when you can just use gamebryo engine's in-built commands.

Here's a link to the console page of Skyrim's wiki:

.... Well... In this case, your best bet is to do the following:
Follow the guide above, when you drop, say a dagger in a barrel, the dat file will contain the dagger's item ID. Which means you then need to search for this ID.

Let's say you dropped a steel dagger in a barrel in your house. Open the dat file and go to skyrim wiki, find the skyrim steel dagger page and take the object ID from the page. Search for this ID inside your dat folder. Once you find it, replace that number with the masks Object ID.
This should effectively turn that dagger into the mask you want.

Remember to back up your file in case things go wrong..
And try it multiple times until it works. When searching for the Steel dagger's ID, see how many search results in the dat file you get. if just one, chances are it's the one you dumped into the barrel. If not then replace the ID's methodically, 1 after another until you see that the dagger in the barrel was replaced with your mask.

It should work just fine.

Sorry about the confusion, the sentence "Search for this ID inside your dat folder." should say FILE not FOLDER at the end.

Do let me know if this works for you, if not, I can always put together a short tut for you and dump it on a webhost for you to download.

dude that would be great if you could do so if you have some spare time because when i hit ctrl f and do as the above steps say it takes me to the location in the hex workshop of 0068168a and i see to the right of that there is a yellow box that says c9040000. i also see in the bottom right box in hex workshop it says one instances founds for 1225. and 1225 is the amount of gold i put in the barrel along with the two arrows

This doesn't work, I followed the directions exactly replaced the iron arrow with the ancient Falmer crown(id 0240c814) and the game crashes on me every time. I've also tried replacing the third zero with the four instead of the second zero(third digit). I then tried using the original hex value and it still crashed.

Worked like a charm now i dont have to do hours worth of killing to find disenchantable boots of muffling

Thanks again worked for me first time !!!
btw i used the iron arrow and 1500 gold method on 360

now how would u get some of the modded armor from the pc version to the xbox version of skyrim usin cheat engine?

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