News: And the Winner of the White Hat Award for Technical Excellence Is...

And the Winner of the White Hat Award for Technical Excellence Is...

It seemed appropriate that we announce the winner of the first White Hat Award for Technical Excellence on the Academy Awards weekend. This is, in essence, our "Oscar" here at Null Byte. Remember, this contest began on January 4th, 2016 and just recently closed on February 15th. In this contest, I was looking for:

  • Technical excellence: Is the information that is provided useful and accurate?
  • Well-written: No grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Easy to understand: Can the newbie understand and execute the hack?
  • New and unique content: Don't rehash what has already been done here. Create some new and unique content.

I also emphasized that new scripts would be given greater favor than simply an explanation of how to use an existing tool.

We received an incredible number of excellent contributions from Null Byte members, which once again emphasizes what an extraordinary community we have here at Null Byte.

And the Winner Is... The Defalt

After reading through many excellent tutorials, I must say that one stands head and shoulders above the others. Our resident Python expert, The Defalt, put together a four-part series that he called "How to Build an Evasive Shell in Python" (which you can see below).

This series is well-written and explains the concepts clearly and concisely. Most importantly, he used his knowledge of Python and networking to develop an original hacking tool.

Congratulations, Defalt!

So, I want to congratulate Defalt as the winner of the first White Hat Award for Technical Excellence tutorial contest here on Null Byte. He wins:

  • Professional Pack of Exploit Pack with over 34,000 exploits.
  • Certificate suitable for framing.

As you know, in addition to this winning series, Defalt put together the superb Python series titled "How to Train your Python" (which is currently at 18 parts). Every aspiring hacker should read and master it. He is also responsible for the Null Byte Suite of Hacking Tools.

In addition, due to his diligent and excellent work here on Null Byte for a period of time, I am naming Defalt our newest Null Byte Fellow!

I hope you all will take a minute to congratulate Defalt. He certainly deserves our gratitude and appreciation.


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Congratulation Defalt, a title well deserved!


congrats Defalt you lucky bastard!

Thank you so much. I have no idea what to say!


Thank you for your contributions to Null Byte and congratulations!!!

Woo! Many congratulations to Defalt! Let's party!

Congratulations on your award!
You have sincerely amazed me ever since you first showed up.

Congrats Defalt

Nice work Defalt, congrats on your accomplishment!

Congratulations mate, well deserved!

Nice! Congrats Defalt, you deserved the award!

Congrats Defalt, you definitely deserve it. Enjoy.

Congrats Defalt. Well Done!

Congratulations Defalt! You deserve it.

Congratulation Defalt!

Congratulation... DEFALT!

Congratulations Defalt.


Congratulations Defalt. You have contributed greatly to the community and I think I speak on behalf of everyone here and say: Thank you and we hope to see and learn more from you.

# Sergeant

Dude how do you access the internet when wifi is locked and connections from your side of the school is blocked ?

Just get a vpn and use that.

Please don't tell me WEP and WPS can hinder me from accessing the internet. WPA2 is even a little better but I think you know the greedy administrators never wanting to sacrifice anything for security.

# Sergeant

And how do you get past the restrictions on the block ?

You should really learn. Null-Byte is the greatest place you can learn from. To sum it up:

  • I have the desktop Benny gifted to me as my home server. I have Spark manage it for me. I use ICMPTX. You see the connection is not blocked when you ping the remote server. Check out the tutorial, OTW has done a great job explaining it.
  • Sometimes the connection gets slow so, I have baby-bots ( little computers ) in your side of the school that routes all connections to the internet.

It's illegal to say as I know you very well. Always curious but never take precautions. I have permission from George to perform step 2. Step 1 he does not know about. Hope that clears your doubt.

# Sergeant

Dude ... you are a f**kin genus . I would kiss you right now man.

Hehehe. Its genius not genus.

# Sergeant

Thank you for spending time helping others here on Null Byte and congratulations, Defalt!

Tnx Defalt
Looking forward to your next ...

Congratulations Defalt, and thank you for all your contributions.

Wuzi out

Well i think i am late, Congratulations sir.....

Haven't had the pleasure of reading your guides. Will be sure to check them out, congrats Defalt.

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