C/C++ for Hackers

C/C++ for Hackers: Part 9 (Installing CodeBlocks in Ubuntu)

Hello again, fellow hackers! we are getting a little bit more advanced (i mean, in my next post we will code a basic virus!) so we need a more advanced program to code our programs (using a program to code a program? cough programception cough). such a program is called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). in this tutorial we will cover what an IDE is and install my favorite IDE, called CodeBlocks.

C/C++ Programming for Hackers: Part 2 (The History of C and Coding Our First Program).

Welcome back everyone! in this tutorial, i will talk a little bit about the history of the C programming language aswell as some famous programs that are programmed in this language (it is not really necessary to be able to code in C, but it's still nice to know!). after that, we will go ahead and write our very first program! i will also go in detail on every line and explain exactly what it does.

C/C++ Programming for Hackers: Part 1 (Introduction)

Hello my fellow hackers! Since i am new here, i'd first like to introduce myself: i am Phoenix750, a young passionated hacker who likes to share everything he knows with other people of my kind. I have been reading null byte for quite some time now, but only could register today. I truely love how this community respects newcomers, But even after reading a lot of tutorials on here, i never came accross a good programming tutorial (except the scripting tutorials, but scripting isn't programmin...

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