Electricity Basics

How To: Electricity/Electronics for Hackers: Basics: Part 3 (AC/DC, Ohm's Law, Electric Power).

Hello again, fellow hackers and electronic engineers! Welcome to part 3 of my Electricity/Electronics series. In previous parts, we already talked about what electricity is, the most important units in electricity, and the effects of electricity on the human body, as well as a shorter article where I explain how the electricity grid works. Today, we have quite a few subjects to look at, including:

How To: Electricity/Electronics for Hackers: Extras: The Journey of Electricity: From the Power Plant to Your House.

Hello again, fellow hackers! This is an article that belongs to the "extras" category of my series on Electricity/Electronics, meaning that the knowledge I share here WON'T be required to build the circuits we will see in this series, but might still be of interest. Today, we are going to talk about how electricity is distributed. The reason to this is because after writing part 2 of my series, I noticed a lot of my readers were interested in how electricity works today. So I decided to write...

How To: Electricity/Electronics for Hackers: Basics: Part 2 (What Is Electricity?)

Hello again, fellow hackers! As promised, here is part 2 of my fresh electricity and electronics for hackers series. In this series, we will be making a lot of things, from power supplies to (hopefully) EMP bombs. But before we can build skyscrapers, we first need a foundation. So in the first parts of this series, I will talk about the basics laws of electricity. In this part, I will talk about what electricity is, in what other forms of energy it can be converted, what voltage, current, and...

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