How To: crack password protection on Excel Spreadsheets

crack password protection on Excel Spreadsheets

Hi again,

Just wanted to share a neat little code that I found way back, when I was presented with a spreadsheet which was locked and asked to ''unlock'' it or do whatever it takes to enable the user to edit it's contents. 

Well, I'm not one to say nay to a challenge, however when I exhausted my attempts in coding the ''cracker'' myself, and saw the deadline was approaching to have this thing unlocked, I turned to good old Google.

Lo and behold, I found that some brilliant chap has indeed coded a excel spreadsheet 'bruter' which does exactly what I wanted!

All YOU need to do, is follow the link here or above, copy the code, open the workbook you want to "crack" and press ALT+F11, this will open the VBA (Visual Basic) editor. On the left hand side, you will see a component called "This Workbook". Double-click it and paste the code you have just copied in the code area on the right. Then all you are left with is pressing the green arrow (RUN) button in the tool-bar above the code and the script will handle the rest.

I have tested this in Excel 2007 and 2010 and it seems to work just fine. Hope it does for you too!

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Noooo, VB xD. I've got similar code that works via CLI, but is cross-platform. I still personally prefer CLI for simplicity, but for people who don't it's still really nice :).

I find VB to be C#'s retarded little brother. It's obviously the only way to accomplish anything decent on excel, which my workplace relies heavily on (they are generally terrified of open source. To them, free = crap, but I digress)

Yeah, I just have this "VB is what skiddies use" saying jammed in my head xD. Eh, I'm not missing out though, Python and Qt do just fine :D.

Fair enough. On another point - ''skiddies'' - made me laugh . The wonderful world of concatenated terms

Is there a code for cracking Excel workbook and not Excel Sheets??

Please advice. Will be much appreciated! Done loads of research but in vain

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