News: My Review on Kali 2.0

My Review on Kali 2.0

Hello guys, its been quite a while since my last post.

(sorry for the lack of images)

Well I guess I'm first up on the review board :P.

So first thing to say: I ran USB persistence on Kali 1.10 by creating a persistence partition on my 16 GB drive. As for me, I had to delete that entire partition and remade a persistence partition (but I'm not really sure its working at the moment )

So Kali 2.0 Sana is out! I have been quite hyped about this for a while, and I see that there has been ALOT of changes.

First of all, I really like the new design. Kali v1.xx has been more simple, but I guess Kali 2.0 is much more visually appealing. I really like the look of it. It's kind of like of like Ubuntu, and I guess that Kali v2.0 is trying to be user-friendly like Ubuntu as well.

I have never actually looked at all of Kali's pentesting tools, but it seems as they have added new pentesting tools (like httrack?) to the Applications menu, which by the way, I really like the new design.

In order to access workspaces, you will have to move your cursor to the top-left corner of the screen. I mean, I can see that Kali has been trying to be innovative, but I feel as if it is a little annoying when I have to click the Applications bar.

The little navbar on the left is really nice as well. It disappears and doesnt intrude on you. If you move your cursor all the way to the bottom of the screen, a little notifications navbar comes up, and is quite neat-o.

That is all I really have to say about the OS update. There were many MANY changes and in summary, I feel as the OS has become alot more smoother and most of its change is in its design. However, I still really like that and I feel that that is one of the key factors to making a great Linux distro or ANY OS. Really liked it, and the ad did not lie

Well thanks for reading, and I'm hoping to hear YOUR opinions on the newly-updated OS!

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Added Ruby 2.0 support which makes Metasploit much faster

My Issues is after fresh install when I try to log in, i get the dreaded OOPS something went wrong. So I drop to shell, and login and try to startx and command not found.

same goes for you. Delete you old kali from your machine and create a whole new machine using the Kali 2.0 iso

i get this error when i updating kali 2.0
i have kali dual boot with windows 8.1

If your Kali had certain special scripts or tools on it you added yourself, it's likely running 'apt-get dist-upgrade' (or whatever the command is) will fail. Your best bet is to completely remove your old kali linux and install Kali 2.0.

after upgrading to kali 2.0 sana using dist-upgrade i can not login. please help

Your best bet is removing your old Kali machine from your VM, downloading the iso for Kali 2.0, and installing a completely new machine using the iso.

I really wanted to like it, but I prefer my old one. This Kali is much larger than the last so it's much slower. I also tested out Kali 2.0's "light" and "mini" versions but wasn't happy at all with the very limited number of tools those came with. Basically sqlmap and, oh, sqlmap. If it were just as fast as the old then I'd prefer 2.0 but since it's not....wah

I don't mean to sound negative, yes it looked nice, but it just lags, it's terribly slow, I haven't invested in a rig yet, so my pentesting lab consists of old laptops for testing, I don't think it's feasible to throw Unity which is usually known as a 'Bloatware' DE, & 'Memory hog' - this is true, I tried to scan a server with w3af, and there were times when the system wouldn't respond, I just don't think running a high end Desktop Environment on a pentesting distribution which is essentially, for the most part, meant to be run from a Usb.

It looks nice though, and I love the new tools, and the sidebar, but I'll stick with 1.0.9a for now, or I might install XFCE onto Kali 2 at some point :)

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