News: What to Expect from Phoenix750 in 2016

What to Expect from Phoenix750 in 2016

Hello again, fellow hackers!

First of all, I'd like to start of with wishing all of you a merry christmas and a happy 2016! Many things have happened on here in 2015. Many people joined, a lot of knowledge was shared, and we accomplished many great things, like the Null-Byte suite, Null Byte fellows, certificates, and recommendation letters from OTW himself, and many great articles about a lot of interesting topics!

Long story short, we've accomplished a lot in the past year. And I sincerely hope that we can make 2016 as instructive and good as 2015. So for that reason, here is a short preview of what you can expect from me in 2016 here on Null Byte:

Electricity/Electronics for Hackers

About 2 months ago, I started with a "strange" but useful series: Electricity & Electronics for Hackers. In this series, I will teach electricity and electronics, and how it can be applied to hacking.

To my own surprise, I got a lot of positive feedback from this series. As such, I will continue my series in 2016. These are the things I plan to do in my series:

Continue teaching the basics of electricity.

Teach how computer hardware works in detail. Like: how does binary logic work, how does a processor work, how does RAM work, etc.

Construct a small, handheld Tesla coil. A Tesla coil is a device that is capable of producing harmless artificial lightning. And who doesn't like to shoot lightning around in their bedroom?!

Construct all sorts of spy gadgets.

Construct an AM "apocalypse" radio. Why is it an apocalypse radio? Well, it doesn't require any outlet or batteries to run! It gets it's energy through the radio waves in the air!

Construct an EMP, RPi Power Supply, signal scrambler... Just as I promised 2 months ago.
Construct a taser.
Construct a blackout device.

Make other cool, but not necessarily technological warfare-related devices. Such as audio amplifiers or other handy devices.

Give some theory about other electricity-related things. For example: how wireless communication works,

Do other things that might cross my mind.

Reviving My C/C++ Series

As you all might've known, I've hibernated my C/C++ series, mostly because I was too busy with other things. However, there is now a new member called DontTrustMe, and in the short time he has been here with us, he has created dozens of EXCELLENT articles on C programming! I actually need to admit, he knows C better than I do.

Therefor, me and DontTrustMe decided to work together: He will be writing the C part, I will be writing the C++ part. Be sure to check his articles out!

Hacking the Internet of Things

This is one of the my favourite subjects: the Internet of Things (IoT). Anyone who has already played the game Watch Dogs knows why I am so excited about this.

There is a youtube channel called "Game Theory" that has proven in 2 videos that the game Watch Dogs afterall isn't that unrealistic.

In fact, I believe that Watch Dogs is incredibly realistic. In Watch Dogs, everything is connected to a central supercomputer called "ctOS". If you can take control of this computer, you control the city. And that is what is happening in Watch Dogs when you need to infiltrate a ctOS building.

Games aside, hacking the IoT has gotten me obsessed for quite some time now. I will be making a series where we take a better look at how the IoT operates, and how to exploit it.


Well, that's what I am mainly planning to do in 2016 here on Null Byte. Take note that during the year, I might get new ideas for new series. Let's make 2016 something great!

Happy holidays everyone!



I'm insanely excited to discuss hacking the IoE, it sounds extremely interesting!

Merry Christmas!


I cant wait for iot application hacking. Mainly since I am developing my own iot applications! Sounds awesome.


I tried doing articles, and I may in the future but I am hoping to play a more technical rule in the sense of helping people troubleshoot and maybe even some VMs to test people's skills. I am glad a great article writer like you have a plan :D I am excited.

Thanks for the shoutout, Phoenix750! Regarding knowing more C, it's probably because I took both C courses at university and tinkered around with it for about 2 years or so but you'll always be better at C++! Super excited about the revival of your series too, it's going to be sweet as!

On a side note, do you know about the developments of the IRC channel? I've been searching around and couldn't really find any (un)official channels... It would be great for those who have doubts about anything they're trying to learn since we would be able to communicate in real-time.


OTW is the one who is doing the work with the IRC channel. You can hit him up if you'd like.


I am so excited for your upcoming articles. Can't Wait for the IoT Hacking one!

Sounds great, good to hear that you're continuing to fill the electronics gap here on Null Byte.

I simply can not wait!
Happy new year!
I'm studying electricity this year, not in English however, could probably make use of the translation.

great work pheonix!! I love your articles since they are really easy to understand. Hope you'll share your knowledge with noviceslike us more in 2016


Happy new year :3

I would love to make some of those nifty electronics...but would probably get the police called over by my neighbors lol.

You're an important part of this world and it's awesome to see more of your articles inbound.

Why would the police come over? As long as you don't do anything bad with these devices, you aren't doing anything illegal. Just watch out with the signal scrambler. It's best to not test that in a city or a busy place.

Oh and also don't test that EMP in a city aswell. With a signal scrambler you might get off with a warning, but with an EMP you WILL go to jail for terrorism! (an EMP is considered a weapon!)

And thanks for the kind words.


Phoenix750: I was wondering, if you are going to teach breaking ioT applications, are you also going to be teaching how to make them?


Yes. My first few articles in this series will be how to put Windows 10 IoT Core on a RPi 2 and how to control electronics with it (which essentially defines the IoT: controlling electronics using computers).

My IoT hacking series will be very closely related to my Electricity/Electronics series.


Perfect! Can't wait. Just got a RPi 2 this Christmas.

This sounds great! Can't wait to see your method for the EMP and Tesla Coil

The EMP and Tesla Coil are basically already existing designs modified by me. Most things are, really. In electronics, you can't really be "creative" like you can be in hacking.


And just to clear up some confusion: an EMP is NOT the same as a Tesla coil!


These all sound absolutely amazing, particularly the handheld Tesla coil and the signal scrambler. Can't help but suspect that a homemade taser may not go down too well with the local LE though!

It won't really be a taser, but rather an experiment where we shoot high voltages between 2 points. It can be used as a taser, but technically, it isn't.

Yet again, it's a form of freedom of speech. I'm allowed to share knowledge, I'm just not allowed to encourage it's use for malicious purposes.


Cool, but in the UK freedom of speech has limited safeguards. If I download instructions on how to make an explosive device I can be prosecuted as a terrorist, irrespective of whether I had started to gather the necessary hardware or any perceived intention based upon my political leanings or religious affiliation. Complete shite, but unfortunately the regime I must live under.

I'm so excited since Phoenix is my inspire and everything and tbh he's the reason i'm still here

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