How to Train Your Python: Part 20, Masters of the Basics

Part 20, Masters of the Basics

Welcome back everyone. This article isn't going to contain anything related to scripting, but rather some updates about the series. We'll be quickly discussing what we've covered so far and what is to come.

When we started this series about 5 months ago, we were teaching the basic things. This is going to serve as a transition article to the next section of scripting skills. I'm going to briefly list all the things we've covered here. If you don't understand any of this, please let me know or do some research. If you don't understand it now, you're really not going to later. Here is a brief of what we've covered:

Needless to say, we've covered a lot. We've learned a lot since we first started, and it's time to move up to the more advanced topics. I'll cut to the chase and make the announcement now.

It's Time to Step Up

This article officially marks the end of the basic scripting part of this series. We've covered everything we need to know to be good python programmers, but now it's time we become excellent programmers.

We're not going to be covering the basics anymore. Starting in the next article, we'll be moving on to commonly used modules. We're going to be learning how to use modules like sys, os, socket, threading, and the like.

That's the end of this announcement. This article will serve as a sort of bridge into the next part of the series. Writing this series has been, and will hopefully continue to be, extremely fun. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the next training session!


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