News: Network Admin? You Might Become a Criminal Soon

Network Admin? You Might Become a Criminal Soon

It seems like the EU is currently in the works of making "the production or sale of devices such as computer programs designed for cyber-attacks" illegal. So, if you're a network admin that uses WireShark or Metasploit, you better watch out!

If you want to help combat this proposed plan, then help raise awareness and support the EFF, Open Rights Group and Pirate Party UK, who are probably already on the heels of this already.

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I just read this as well, what a joke. I think something like this would be as unenforceable as current piracy legislation. Hopefully.

My atty says this would be very hard to hang on someone only for possession, but could be used as a penalty modifier if they brought charges down on you for other related offenses. 1984 eh?

"crimeware" suites like Zeus have always been in murky legal waters but this looks like a grab.

One WOULD hope so but now that countries are trying to enact more laws that hamper the openness of the internet I think everyone who cares about this should be on the alert.

A law like this, if enacted, will just mean that criminals will remain criminals and will cause a lot of unnecessary regulation on everyone else.

I agree, kind of like american gun laws in some places. You can't own one legally but the people who will rob you at gunpoint, care less of that law... This is what happens when society is boiled down to the lowest common denominator

You may want to correct "Private Party UK" and make it "Pirate Party UK".

Done, thanks for the correction!

where on this article ( is write that will illegal tools for spoofing (eg. wireshark)?


Without even reading it entirely my eyes were drawn to "The proposal also targets tools used to commit offences: the production or sale of devices such as computer programs designed for cyber-attacks, or which find a computer password by which an information system can be accessed, would constitute criminal offences." in that article you posted. nvm ur nglesh.

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