Forum Thread: [New Method] Aircloud-Ng -- Crack WPA/WPA2 in the Cloud

An online wireless password recovery application, written in python,
using aircrack-ng. Our services are free, if we don't find the passphrase for you! :)

Make sure you upload a dump file, which contains only one valid handshake! The application can't handle a capture file with more than one handshakes.

Estimated cracking time if server load is empty ~ 4 hours
Estimated cracking time if server load is full ~ 24 hours

It usually takes a few minutes to receive the e-mail with the session id!

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2 Responses

pardon the expression, but i think it's total crap. two weeks ago, i kept trying the whole day to upload a handshake, but the server was all the time on full load...i thought that the server was processing hundreds or maybe thousands of cracking operations, but noticed later that the number of visits barely increased, which means that there weren't many cracking requests to make the server busy all day...and now it's paying. honestly, i'm a LINUX kind of person, which means that i don't believe in paid services, but rather free stuff for all and the exchange of favors.

Cloud cracking is the future IMHO. Buying expensive hardware pays off when you want to crack passwords, as it speeds much the process of bruteforcing. But not everyone can afford building a dedicated cracking machine. Nowadays you could also capture a handshake with your smartphone, but good luck cracking it (same goes for laptops) ! If you could outsource the cracking process to an external machine for a reasonable price, in a reasonable time, that would be a good thing for every pentester.

Let's say you put up a machine to offer a similar service. You dedicate a computer (or two), a couple or more high-end (200-250 $ each) gfx cards that work in parallel, at full speed, almost 24/7. Also, electricity comes with a price, depending on country. And your support, in case something goes wrong, you have to fix. Would you just say: here guys, use my service, I spent a lot of bucks and time to maintain it, but it's free !!!

Don't think so... And besides, saying that Our services are free, if we don't find the passphrase for you! :) is a nice thing, as they already spent time and money processing your hash.

Free things are good, but really good things come with a price.

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