Community Byte: HackThisSite Walkthrough, Part 2 - Legal Hacker Training

HackThisSite Walkthrough, Part 2 - Legal Hacker Training

With the rather large success of the Community Byte activities, both programming and HackThisSite, I have decided to continue to do both activities every session! With that said, when programming sessions occur, they will be lead by Sol Gates in Gobby. Also, the programming mission will no longer be to code a tool, we have changed it to be even more "noob friendly". This means that instead of coding a tool, you will be walked through puzzles and challenges that must be solved by coding a script. This allows for a much more in-depth understanding of programming from the ground up. Programming will occur every week, whether it is stated on the blog or not, so make sure you are ready!

This week's mission is to go through and complete HackThisSite, basic mission 3.  HackThisSite is a great, free training ground for aspiring hackers. They have several simulated "missions" for you to complete that involve "hacking" the simulation to prove and test knowledge. Since it is their server, and they give permission, hacking the site is not illegal. This makes practicing easy and fun!


  • Common sense.
  • An IRC client, like XChat.
  • An account on HackThisSite.
  • Gobby, a collaborative code editor (programmers).

How Does This Work?

We will be using IRC to round people up before we begin. If you're new to IRC, go here to learn how to set it up and use it. On IRC, I will walk everyone through the mission and give you all of the resources and hints you need to solve it. If no one can solve it, I will show you how to do it, and why the exploit works.

When Does It Start?

Every Friday at 5:00 pm PST is when this occurs, so be in IRC around that time.

Project Goals

Here are some of my hopes for this weeks project:

  • Learn basics to hacking.
  • Learn more classes and kinds of exploits.
  • Bring the community together and teach each other new things!
  • Get more people in IRC.
  • Learn a bit of HTML and web security.

So, brace yourself, every week our sessions are getting better and better! Follow me on Twitter and G+ for the latest updates. Also, feel free to start your own discussions in the forums or in the IRC. Happy hacking everyone!

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I'm going to do my best to join the next Goodnight Byte

Looking forward to it!

Me too :D And I've learned some basic basics of python xD (Thanks Zas zero) :D cheers -Red Panda-!

Ah thats good to hear Ruben, looking forward to see you and your badass Python skills on friday hehe :D

print(' xD sure thing xD :D ')
print(' It\'s actually pretty funny! :D And I can use it to solve my math homework >:D ')

Hehehe nice, yeah you sure can :D

i hope i make it in time to learn basic scripting by then.

Psh, I'm sure you will. Just keep taking your time, bro.

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