Forum Thread: FTP Repository of Wordlists

so i just ran into this repository of wordlists and i thought i would share it with you guys.

directory: /pub/wordlists
username: Anonymous
password: Anonymous

PS when going to the "languages" directory, you can download a wordlist specifically for your language!

i will do a tutorial later on how to download wordlists from this FTP server in case you never used FTP before.


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Did you Google Dork to find this (if you did, we could find many others)?

no i didn't. this is a legitimate FTP server where you can download wordlists. i simply found it because a friend told me about it.

IS it safe..? that password is making me think otherwise...

like Cracker said, it indeed are the default credentials for guest sessions on FTP servers. and the only thing in there are .txt files...

Anonymous is the set of credentials used when signing in as a "guest."

Sweet, will check out when I get home! +1 :)

The good ole Openwall project Lives....

i was surprised at first too.


Hey Phoenix750 !!

I'm a big fan of your tutorial "C/C++ For hackers" but i already know how to use C could you please make a tutorial about viruses in C/C++

Like how can i create them and how do i counter them.

Thanks alot

the moment i return home from my holiday, i will make a tutorial on how to execute system commands in C++. which is a vital part in viruses.


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