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Hello everyone, it's been a while :D Does anyone know whether or not there may be issues if I flash a custom ROM on my device, that is not normally for my specific device? (I feel like this is not the place for such questions, so if anyone thinks that this post is not a good idea I'll delete it.)

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Bootloop, Soft Brick, Hard Brick, you guess it ^^"
If you tell us what you are trying to do, we might help.

I have an LG L Fino (couldn't choose a phone myself at that time) and I would like to install a custom ROM for it, however I cannot see it on tables with compatible devices (like for Cyanogen Mod for example), however I did find some articles on flashing a phone's ROM even if it's not "compatible" and I'm not sure if I should try to find a ROM for a phone similar to mine and use it on my own phone :D

if the ROM's kernel is ment for your device, your ROM will most likely work. but it is just better to use a custom ROM specifically build for your device.


Well I don't seem to be able to find one specifically built for my phone :D

since you seem to be new to modding, i will explain the terms Ciuffy warned you about:

Bootloop is where your device simply keeps on rebooting, and rebooting, and rebooting... without the OS ever booting up. usually caused by flashing a ROM in a wrong way, but is easy to fix. a bootloop is a type of Soft Brick.

Soft Brick is a software-related error that prevents your Phone from booting up successfully. this can be a boot loop, but also a freezed boot, where your phone is simply frozen after you turn it on, and it takes on more forms... a soft brick is usually also easy to fix.

Hard Brick is a little bit more serious. a hard brick is when your Phone won't respond to anything and can't enter the Custom Recovery. it is the worst nightmare of every Android modder because it can't be fixed (or atleast not so easily). this usually happens when people try to flash a ROM not intended for their device.

since this is what you are trying to do, i'd like to explain why: when you flash a ROM that is not ment for your device, it will also flash a new kernel. the kernel is what allows your phone's hardware and software to interact with eachother. needless to say, if you flash the wrong kernel, you're fcked.

and like Ciuffy said, what are you trying to do exactly? if you tell us what ROM you are trying to flash on what device, we might be able to help you because there might be a port to your device for that ROM.


I haven't decided upon a ROM, I just fancied Cyanogen Mod and didn't see my device on the list, did a small bit of research, remained a bit confused and came here :D Basically I want to install Cyanogen Mod on my phone and I can't find a suitable ROM for it.

if you find a ROM, just check if the kernel is compatible with your device.

or talk back to me if you want me to do it


I'd certainly enjoy some help as I'm rather new to this, so in case you have the time I'd greatly appreciate the effort :D

if you can't find a custom ROM, just try to install AOSP (Android Open Source Project) on your device. it is fast, easy, and it is the true android. plus it doesn't come with any bloatware that LG put into your current ROM, and i think AOSP is availible for all devices that support android.


Okay, thanks a lot for the time and effort spent on my stupid questions (as always :D)

i think you will need to compile AOSP yourself, but that won't be a problem because it is nicely documented on their page.

you will also find very interesting info that explains in high detail how the Android OS works. it is always fun to know how something works!


I agree, thanks a lot :D

i personally think it is way funnier to make something yourself, even if you didn't modify it. i mean, even if it doesn't contain anything you made, you still builded it... it is such a great feeling.


Yeah, and the second best feeling comes from then modifying what you just built on your own? :D



I feel like we share similar philosophies, although you're quite more advanced than me in most aspects :D

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