Forum Thread: When My Kali Linux Finishes Installing (It Is Ready to Boot), and When I Try to Boot It All I Get Is a Black Screen.

The sha1sums are not corrupted and I have enabled the thing in BIOS. Please ask if you want any more information, and thank you in advance.

To the left is what appears when I try and boot the installed Kali Linux and to the right are my settings.

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I don't know if this is the issue, but on my virtual machine, my sata port 0 goes to kali linux.vdmk, whereas yours is a .vdi extension.

does the kali linux.vdmk come with kali or do i have to download that elsewhere?

oh its just a different type of virtual hard disk

Yea, it's possible you simply set up the vm incorrectly. Did it help?

it just installed and then rebooted. This is the log after the when the installation failed:

00:38:55.263897 VUSB: Detached 'HidMouse' from port 1
00:38:55.349992 NAT: Zone(nm:mbuf_cluster, used:0)
00:38:55.349992 NAT: Zone(nm:mbuf_packet, used:0)
00:38:55.349992 NAT: Zone(nm:mbuf, used:0)
00:38:55.349992 NAT: Zone(nm:mbufjumbopagesize, used:0)
00:38:55.351105 NAT: Zone(nm:mbufjumbo9k, used:0)
00:38:55.351582 NAT: Zone(nm:mbufjumbo16k, used:0)
00:38:55.351831 NAT: Zone(nm:mbufextrefcnt, used:0)
00:38:55.353723 GIM: KVM: Resetting MSRs
00:38:55.379654 Changing the VM state from 'DESTROYING' to 'TERMINATED'
00:38:55.379996 Console: Machine state changed to 'PoweredOff'
00:38:55.545338 GUI: Passing request to close Runtime UI from machine-logic to UI session.

I will next try a mini ISO then a live install

This is most likely a graphics card issue that many people with nvidia cards experience. To fix: while turning your machine on, as soon as you see the grub boot loader, press the letter e on your keyboard. This will allow you to edit how kali boots. At the end of one of the lines, you will see the word quiet, delete it and replace with nomodeset. This will load your graphics differently and in most cases will eliminate the black screen that normally follows. I am assuming this problem did not start until you did an update && upgrade?

Hi, thanks for your reply I have the same problem.

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