Forum Thread: How to Find Admin Panel Page of a Website?

hiii guys, i was trying sqlmap, and success to dump database, i found under users table hashes and converted them into password.

now problem is how to find admin panel of website for login.

i tried some python and perl script, but not get successed.
please help

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There are a few free fuzzers on the web. "fuzzing" is the art of scanning urls for directories such as google/admin or google/secretinfo.

Do you know if the site is wordpress or a pre-made one? They could have wp-login or something of a kind.

i tried dorks also, inurl:login.php and more dorks,
website is in php.

did you know some other way, i also tried google search for it but not success,

Is one example I have found. Depending on what framework they use there might be a pre-made admin php.

I can't say for certain since I don't know anything else about the site.

Nice to see how valued my thoughts are.

Agree, down votes of constructive thoughts, like that one, is part of what kills this community. Sadly!

reason for down vote:
i already told that i have tried some python and perl scripts,
that checks for url like:

  1. Send a spider to crawl the page.


  1. Owasp DirBuster, a directory brute force tool. (very helpful)

Praveen, how do you that, i have same problem, can you help me?

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