Forum Thread: How to Hack Android Phone Using Same Wifi

Help I want to see what my significant other is doing through wifi hacking. I don't know his password I do come in contact with his phone here and there ,but can't access it. Someone help me please yes he's cheating. I just need solid proof. Please don't judge I just want to know if I could hack his phone through the same wifi and how.

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RAIN S, i dont know enough about hacking stuff, cuz i m new to this field (only 1 month) but as per my own knowledge you can use remote hacking of the android device using meterpreter. i know just this but yeah sure there will be enough exploits for wifi in msf or just like that to meet your needs.


I am also a noob. I was looking up tutorial videos on how to use Kali, but it's so difficult. ? I am so lost! I have no idea how to use meterpreter. I'll keep watching tutorials on youtube, but I guess I am getting desperate which is why I don't get it. I don't know if I need to root my phone for Kali. I heard if I do I would lose all files on my phone, or laptop. Is meterpreter the same as Kali?

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  • I`ll teach you how to use metasploit meterpreter on LAN or Internet. In YouTube videos and tutotials, all people make a major mistake. Due to which, beginners are not able to follow them. I`m here to help you my bro.

hello i also would like to know can you hack a phone over wifi?

I need help. Im in a relationship but dont know if i can trust her. I wanna know before i put my heart completely in. She lied and possibly cheated. Help?

For god sake dont use youtube for learning hacking you will get only 1 out of 100 videos valid. OTW have many of his posts regarding metasploit basics you can learn metasploit there. and not to forget about the offensive security's course for metasploit basics you can also learn some of it there.(before you do anything make sure you have enough knowledge about linux basics command and networking and also languages). because hacking is not a one day game. its just like going to gym for years and building up your body and never willing to give up.

Remember rome wasnt built in a day..

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  • You are also welcomed ...!!!

Thank you so much! I'll look at your tutorials!

Rain...did you ever figure out how to do this? I am interested in doing this as well and could use some guidance.

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To my knowledge you can't easily remotely hack someone's phone (It is possible but it can be VERY hard), but what you can do however is look up his phone model and OS (operating system) and then check there are any bugs in the login screen which you can abuse to get into his phone. If there are no such known vulnerabilities you can try to (if it is a android phone) connect it to pc and use software to remove it's lockscreen this does not always work but it is worth a try just be careful to not format his phone because then he will probably notice :P

If you still need help with this, I got u

DEAR ALL BLESSED FELLOWS, am just a newbie here, in my country all FB channel and also Whatsapp Channel was dropped down for a week atleast by an institution or some body (I dont know) who does not want all media social gonna be great or growing. I wish i could had some advice and bright light to resolve this problem, i would use it to fix all bugs or anythings annoying media social channel / internet disturbance years a head where I was skilled. I hope all fellows would teach me to fix it. Thank you very much.

hello guys can you help me
i want to spy another phone with my wifi and get their password

Hear I speak...
Do DNS spoof and redirect all connection to u and let them install your backdoor then

happy shell pops

Requirement : patience and a bit knowledge of social

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