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You will need to find a flaw and exploit it. It's easy, no ? Use a web vulnerability scanner and exploit flaws you find :D or find the admin panel and bruteforce the login

But Does Brute Forcing The Admin Panel Makes You Tracebel For Sending So Much Connection Or Am I Wrong Or Should I Use VPN OR TOR For Protection Or A Zombie Computer etc.

This is cringy asf... bringing back memories of when I tried to pwn my school's site.

Look, I'm gonna be blunt because I care. First off, bruteforcing doesn't work because your IP will get blocked or it'll set off the IDS/WAF (whatever hell they're using). I suggest you look into how a website works before you try hacking one. A good site is OWASP:

I should also note that most techniques won't work as expected and requires a lot of skill... e.g. XSS, SQLi, etc.

Actually it is possibly as the site is not https it's http

if u want to be look cool
ddos the site
i will see if the site has any bugs
i am crawling the site

The school read this and then the put everywhere deos protection like cloudfare and all

sir how to dos a website fully plz can u tell me in kali linux

Can I hack into my schools wifi and find out the password?

You need atleast some programming knowledge for that

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