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Hello guys ! yesterday i saw 4chan or onionchan that this is illegal actually and i decide to check it (ofc with tor) i saw lot of things that looks scary but i don't want to go so deep because i'll get caught so what's your opinion for those links,redirects and etc ?

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then stay out of there, if you do not like it. It is not illegal to visit a website regardless of what it is selling. You have not broken the law unless you purchased something.

Yes, knowledge is never illegal, but activities can be. Mere knowing is never a legal problem, if you aren't contributing to any illegal activities.

-The Joker

I'd think some things (like child photography) would be illegal to view.

But generally you're safe.

Dark web isn't really a place to be unless you are searching for a specific thing. You don't really want to be there following link after link. There are ways to get your IP even using TOR and you REALLY DON'T want that happening , so be VERY careful.

I go there from time to time to check one or other thing, and I go across some pretty messed up crap.

Never the less, if you keep going there don't use just Tor browser assuming that will also keep you safe. Use it inside a VM (linux, win.. what ever) in your PC. If something goes wrong you just delete the VM.


Thanks everyone :)

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