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Hello guys ! yesterday i saw 4chan or onionchan that this is illegal actually and i decide to check it (ofc with tor) i saw lot of things that looks scary but i don't want to go so deep because i'll get caught so what's your opinion for those links,redirects and etc ?

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then stay out of there, if you do not like it. It is not illegal to visit a website regardless of what it is selling. You have not broken the law unless you purchased something.

Yes, knowledge is never illegal, but activities can be. Mere knowing is never a legal problem, if you aren't contributing to any illegal activities.

-The Joker

I'd think some things (like child photography) would be illegal to view.

But generally you're safe.

Dark web isn't really a place to be unless you are searching for a specific thing. You don't really want to be there following link after link. There are ways to get your IP even using TOR and you REALLY DON'T want that happening , so be VERY careful.

Jack is right. When it comes to legality, it is just like the "normal" internet: it depends on what you do there. Take note that viewing something CAN be illegal!

But you should be more concerned about safety. Like ClockWise said: the dark web isn't a place where you go just for fun! It's a dangerous and nasty place and if you don't need to be there, then stay out of it for the sake of your own safety, but especially for the sake of your own well being. I've browsed the dark web actively only 3 times in 3 years, each session not lasting longer than 10 minutes. And I can tell you: I already saw some fucked up things that might've traumatized me for a short time (in fact, while I'm typing this, I'm getting goosebumps everywhere because I need to think back about the things I saw down there). And I've been actively looking for specific things all of the 3 times: things leaked by Edward Snowden (I was extremely interested), the Ashley Madison cheater list (request for a friend), and a whistle blower website (again, curiosity).

Furthermore, the dark web is also a place that is crawled with auto-pwn sites. Be sure to always have NoScript enabled and to use a VPN before connecting!

Long story short: if you don't need to be on the dark web, then don't go there.

-Phoenix750's a disturbing collection of websites. From what I heard, about 57% of it was illegal. Malicious, disturbing and illegal sites are in a plenty, considering it's already many times the size of visible internet.

Viewing something...well, I don't think it to be actually illegal, considering that there are no logs that actually show that you didn't just accidentally click it.

-The Joker

I go there from time to time to check one or other thing, and I go across some pretty messed up crap.

Never the less, if you keep going there don't use just Tor browser assuming that will also keep you safe. Use it inside a VM (linux, win.. what ever) in your PC. If something goes wrong you just delete the VM.


Even better: install TOR on an USB flash drive and if something goes wrong, destroy the flash drive.


Thanks everyone :)

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