Forum Thread: How Do You Hack an Iphone?

I have done allot of my own research and after lots of searches I seem to come to no conclusion. Does anyone know if there is a way to hack an iPhone. Or is there not because I really can't imagine that they are so secure there is no way?


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They are more difficult, but not impossible. I'll be doing an iPhone hacking series in the near future.

If you have physical access to the iPhone, you can follow this tutorial Although it is for Android, it works equally well on an iPhone.

Looking forward to it OTW. It'd be nice.

well you most have some info from that iphone first is it jailbreaked or not

if answer is yes , its way more easier for you ( i assume you know about lot of hacked iphone cuz of fake apps for jailbreaked iphones etc)

but if its not apple has hard rules about his phones that let only apple it self steal ppl infos and install backdoors on them but wont let you do that ( tnx god for that :D ) so yeah thats all i can say.

ok thankyou looking foward to that tutorial OTW

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