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Create a doxing framework using Python, able to query common social networking sites, filter  information, and fill into a MySQL database for later searching.

Anyone interested?

Doxing Script Community Project

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I like.. I think I'm too busy :S

Very interested...never done doxing before though. Also very busy, group live projects are pretty difficult for me but always willing to do some amateur pythoning!

I had such a framework working using a map reduce algorithm. Sadly most if not all the data was lost in a bit ago in a house fire. I was indexing twitter and other sites to make a local cache to speed everything up. My framework (jdox) used map reduce algorithms to process the data (it could be done in a distributed fashion). It was a hacked mess of java, rhino for the javascript parsing, hadoop to distribute it and a lot of free time.

Last time i checked the javascript parsing engines for python don't support all of the features in Ecma-262.

Having something that emulates a user seems like an insanely hard to maintain cluster fsck waiting to happen.

Why not use the APIs for various sites?

API Keys and limitations from using such.

It seems like you would get all the info on a given user prior to hitting a limit of an api.. 

Maybe something based on Selenium would be better suited, assuming the info couldn't be gathered via api.

Selenium seems to be a browser emulator, am I getting the general idea right of it?

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